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Season 14, Ep. 10

A body discovered in a public green space leaves detectives puzzled - and a community of unhoused folks lobbing blame at each other. As Deputy Brandon investigates, he encounters increasingly wilder stories about what might have happened. A bloody axe, Satanic rituals, and an astonishing discovery made at the bottom of a burn barrel, all come into play to as Brandon delves into this most unusual case.

The detective: Deputy Brandon

Deputy Brandon has been in law enforcement for 17 years; 9 of them as a detective. He was a member of his county's major assault death investigation unit and a neighboring county's major crime team. He's investigated more than 60 murders, as well as major assaults, rapes, robberies, and other felony crimes. He is currently employed with his county Sheriff's office.

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  • Beyond Recognition Launches Friday!

    It was a crime like no other, unleashing horrors not seen since Jack the Ripper. On a crisp autumn morning in 1935, a brother and sister out for a walk in the Scottish countryside stumbled upon dozens of packages containing dissected human remains. Who - or what - could have done this? Now largely forgotten, the Ruxton case grabbed worldwide attention. A real-life Agatha Christie mystery, the gruesome details of the murders would shock the public and test the ability of police to keep the public safe.The case was also the birthplace of modern forensic science. It would alter the course of how murders are investigated.Hosted by Yeardley Smith of Small Town Dicks, “Beyond Recognition” is a 6-part series that delves into one of the most important murder cases of the early 20th century. Inspired by a book from famed Scottish police detective Tom Wood, it features the insights of Paul Holes, Dame Sue Black, and other leading experts who not only recount the grisly crime but examine the psychological and forensic aspects of the case.To binge the series and support Small Town Dicks., visit
  • The World's End (Again)

    Today we bring you a replay of a case from Season 8. It's called The World's End and the detective who told us the story is Tom Wood. Tom was part of the investigation and recently wrote a book about it called, "The World's End Murders: The Final Verdict." Tom wrote another book, "Ruxton: The First Modern Murder," which is the basis of a series that will launch July 19 here on the Small Town Dicks feed. It's hosted by Yeardley and features Paul Holes and a range of other forensic experts. If you want to binge it, go over to Patreon and become a member. Otherwise, we'll see you here in two weeks!
  • 12. A Vile Plan

    As you know, we take pride in celebrating the diligent work law enforcement performs everyday on Small Town Dicks. But sometimes, it's the selfless act of a well-meaning citizen who saves the day. And that’s what happened on the day we pick up this case and an older couple decided to step-in when they saw something wrong. This story has everything - a car chase, a remote cabin full of hair-raising evidence, a suspect on the verge of a terrible crime, and, most importantly, a little girl who is alive today because two people decided to do something.The detective: Detective JamieJamie has been in law enforcement for over eight years. She worked patrol for two and a half years before landing in her position as a detective, where her primary caseload is child abuse and sex crimes. Jamie is a member of her county's Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT), Inter-Agency Deadly Force Investigative Team (IDFIT), and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Task Force (CSEC). She loves reading, concerts, and beach vacations.
  • 11. You're It

    Detective Lindsey is back with a case she's called her "worst nightmare." An unknown man has committed a series of home break-ins that include terrorizing of victims and violent sexual assaults. Each time, the suspect only gets more brazen and police are anxious to find a lead. Working with a task force of local agencies, and a specialist who has learned the art of tracking human, Lindsey and her team rush to stop the perpetrator before anyone else gets hurt.Subscribe to Patreon for ad free episodes! The detective: Det. LindseyPast bio - Lindsey served as a Tacoma Police Officer for twenty-one years. During her fourteen years as a detective, she investigated sexual assaults, child abuse, missing persons, and homicides. In 2010, Lindsey discovered serial killer Ted Bundy’s DNA was not in CODIS. She worked with authorities in Florida to track down a sample of Bundy’s DNA and finally entered it into the national database in 2011. In 2012, Lindsey’s work on collecting DNA from convicted sexual predators in Washington state who’d slipped through the cracks led to an arrest in the 1980 homicide of a teenage girl. Lindsey retired in 2018 as the Tacoma Police Department’s cold case detective and joined the Washington State Attorney General’s Office as a senior investigator assigned for the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative. She is a former member of the FBI ViCAP National Advisory Board and teaches child abduction response and cold case investigations for the National Criminal Justice Training Center at Fox Valley Technical College. Lindsey has been a speaker at numerous law enforcement conferences around the country, lecturing on cold cases, sex crimes, DNA, and child abduction response. She recently published a true crime memoir titled, “In My DNA: My Career Investigating Your Worst Nightmares”.
  • 9. Among Thieves

    No one wants to feel unsafe in their home and no one understands this better than Detective Dan. So when an older couple returns from vacation to find their house has been burgled, he jumps on the case. Dan discovers two young men in the neighborhood whose stories aren't adding up and he won't let up until he gets to the truth. Bonus: Dan shares practical tips for anyone looking to protect their home and property.The detective: Detective DanDet. Dan was formerly a K9 handler and Violent Crimes detective at the same Small Town police department as his brother. Dan regards his years as a K9 handler to be the most rewarding of his career. He is now retired.
  • 8. The Penny Drop

    An inexperienced young detective is sent to a small island in Scotland, where he discovers a string of over a hundred assault cases that have yet to be closed. Everyone on the island - including his superiors - knows exactly who committed the crimes, but they're unable to bring him to justice. Suddenly, Detective Constable Simon is asking questions - and ruffling some feathers in the process. Good old-fashioned detective work helps him break open a case that he says cemented him as a respective detective.The detective: Detective Constable SimonSimon joined the force in 1978 and retired in 2006. During his tenure, Simon worked in the drugs and major crimes unit, in the Serious Crime Squad, did surveillance and undercover work, and worked in anti-terrorism, organized crime and corruption. After his retirement, he ran his own investigation business for a number of years. Simon is the founder of LEAP Scotland, part of a global campaign to change laws to end the 'war on drugs.' He has own community radio show and YouTube Channel, and is co-host of the Crime Time Inc. podcast with Small Town Dicks's favorite Tom Woods.
  • 7. In the Wild

    A dangerous American expat living in the cold, unforgiving lands in the extreme north of British Columbia is on the loose after stealing from a fellow survivalist. Keenly aware of the danger this man poses, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police launch a manhunt. This is a place of snow shoes and dogsleds, trappers and hunters. Constable Garry and his team set out to capture this man, known as Oros. It's late winter, and Oris is armed and dangerous. And he knows the area better than the men charged with catching him.The detective: Constable GarryGarry Rodgers has lived the life he writes about. He is a retired homicide detective, coroner, and SWAT Team sniper with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He has written and published 21 books as well as hosting a popular blog site called
  • 6. On The Line

    A violent double murder that made headlines in a far away town has Detective Matt going undercover. After hearing the suspect might be on the run in his town, Matt posts up near a seedy motel to track him down. But the suspect escapes with the help of a family member. This leads Matt to do one of the most brazen acting jobs of his career in hopes he can catch a killer.The detective: Detective MattDetective Matt grew up in Pennsylvania. He joined the police department shortly after graduating college. He worked in patrol at first and then moved to the street crimes unit before he started as an undercover narcotics investigator. He went on to join a DEA task force and worked to infiltrate a group threatening a major political party’s national convention. He received a medal of valor for his efforts. He moved to another state and worked as a deputy for several years and is now retired from law enforcement.