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Borley Essex/ West Pittson PA

Season 1, Ep. 4

It’s known in the as “The most huanted house in England”. The house is located in the tiny parish of Borley in Essex. It was located on Hall road next to the Borley Church. It was built for Reverend Henry Dawson Ellis Bull in 1862. The nearby church may date as far back as the 12th century.

WikiPedia article about Borley Rectory

In 1973 the Smurl family (Jack and Janet Smurl, and their children, Heather, Shannon, Dawn and Carin) where forced from the home in Wilkes-Barre PA after flooding from Hurricane Agnes. The made the decision to pack up and move into the other half of the split house that Jack’s parents lived in. This house sat on chase street in West Pittson Pennsylvania. For the first year of so things in the house were normal and quiet. However in 1974 after they started fixing up the property strange things would begin happening in the family’s new home.

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Farrar, IA/ New London, TX

Season 4, Ep. 4
arrar is a SMALL town, if you look at its wiki you won’t even find a population listed (it’s around 30).It’s actually an unincorporated township close to Maxwell Iowa.In this out of the way place on the plains of Iowa is Farrar Elementary a defunct school that for some reason has become a hotbed of paranormal activity.WikiPedia article about Farrar, video (mNH0DyS0qIc)(The sprit board session) Haunting at Farrar: Investigating one of the Worlds Most Haunted Schools, by Richard Estep & E.E. Bensen. Self Published ( © 2019) Funny Thing Happened on the way to Heaven (Or, How I Made Peace with the Paranormal and Stigmatized Zealots and Cynics in the Process), by Corey Taylor.De Capo Press( © 2013) Stalkers.Season 1, Episode 6.November 20, Spirits.Season 4, Episode 7.January 7, small town of New London was first called just London.However, upon finding out that a post office had already been established for a London in another county the town changed its name to New London in 1931.Six years later in 1937, an explosion of the New London School destroyed the lives of many. WikiPedia article about New London School explosionWikiPedia article about New London, Hell Followed With It, by Troy Taylor & Rene Kruse. Whitechapel Press, Dark Haven Entertainment ( © 2010) can follow the show onTwitterorFacebook@stscast, or onInstagram@stscast.gramCheck out Patreon at, week's featured podcasts are Folklore on the Rocks and Reverie True Crime PodcastBe sure to check outStraight Up Strange Productionsfor more great pods!

Elkhorn, WI/ Gévaudan, France

Season 4, Ep. 3
Elkhorn is the quintessential small midwest town. It lays in Wisconsin, north of Chicago and south of Milwaukee. It’s the County seat of Walworth county. Around 10,000 people go on with their lives in this little town. However, in the early 1990s, something emerged from the shadows on the edge of Bray Road.WikiPedia article about Elkhorn, Wisconsinlindagodfrey.comThe Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin’s Werewolf, Linda S. Godfrey.Self Published ( © 2003, 2015) Quest.Season 1, episode 9.January 23,évaudan is no longer around and is actually a small region in France not a town.It was disbanded in 1790 and disovled in the Lozére Territory.Even though it gone it’s history remains as well as stoires of vicious creature that terroirized the county side from 1964 to 1767.The creature was known as the Beast Gévaudan.évaudané can follow the show onTwitterorFacebook@stscast, or onInstagram@stscast.gramCheck out Patreon at, week's featured podcast is All Things Dreams.Be sure to check outStraight Up Strange Productionsfor more great pods!