Small Town Secrets


Rollingstone, MN/ La Fria, VEN

Season 7, Ep. 3
You can follow the show on Twitter (@stscast) or Facebook, (@stscast.fb) or on Instagram (@stscast.gram)Check out Patreon at, week's featured podcast is Oddball Aussie Be sure to check out Straight Up Strange Productions for more great pods!Rollingstone Minnesota… has a Minimart. That’s it, that’s all I’ve got. However, back in 1969 this little town became the center of attention for any big-foot researcher or cryptozoologist in the country. It was the home of the Minnesota Iceman.Wikipedia article about Rollingstone, MinnesotaWikipedia article about Ivan T. SandersonWikipedia article about Bernard The Strange Saga of the Minnesota Iceman, by Bernard Heuvelmans. Anomalist Books ( © 2016) “NEANDERTHAL Strange Saga Minnesota Iceman ebook” on AmazonThe tiny town of La Fria in Venezuela lies among the Rio La Grita River. It was here in that in 1917 François de Loys went in search of oil but he came back with something else.' Small Town

Ossett, ENG/ Brookfield, CT

Season 7, Ep. 2
You can follow the show on Twitter or Facebook @stscast, or on Instagram@stscast.gramCheck out Patreon at, week's featured podcast is the Weird Tales Radio Show Be sure to check out Straight Up Strange Productions for more great pods!The town of Ossett has a population of around 21,000. It’s part of the West Riding of Yorkshire. Some might remember it for the bombs that accidentally dropped there during WWII but most remember it for the horrifying crimes of Micheal Taylor.Wikipedia article about is a small Connecticut town that rests within the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in the southwest corner of the state. In the ’70s and '80’s the little town saw its population swell as many from nearby larger towns started moving out of the city. This is what Arne Johnson and Debra Glatzel did, little did they know what was to come.Wikipedia article about Brookfield, article about Trial of Arne Cheyenne JohnsonA Haunting: S2, Ep 6