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  • The Male G-Spot: does it exist?

    Today we are talking about the science of the prostate - and is it in fact the male g-spot? There is a lot of fascinating research about the prostate gland, but honestly not THAT much about it's relation to sexual pleasure. Today we will break down all the science in order to help you understand your own body and others.STUDYTIME: Prostate stimulation - is it real?WDWLTW:does eating cheese make you live longer?why is Europe so HOT right now?

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  • The Annual PRIDE COMEDOWN Episode of 2024

    Pride just happened and we are about to spill the low energy tea. Every year we divulge after pride, take a few questions and FIGHT because our brains are gone!ENJOY - this one is unique, she's NOT like the rest of em.
  • Post Nut Clarity: does an orgasm cause clear headedness?

    Today we are talking about "post nut clarity". A term used in a new drake lyric, was popularized on the Call Me Daddy podcast and is meant to explain why some people feel calm and clear headed after an orgasm. We look at the scientific research into the hormones involved in orgasm and why some people may feel good or actually even shameful after an orgasm.STUDYTIME: what happens to your brain after an orgasm?WDWLTW:the first pig kidney transplant in a humanhow to gain more self control
  • Rejection: why it hurts and how to deal with it

    Rejection is extremely common - and the feelings we get surrounding it make total sense. Scientists and psychologists have been studying why it physically hurts, why we have such extreme reactions to rejection and what are some tips and tricks to cope. Mitch was recently rejected - so today's episode is for him and anyone who is dealing with or may in the future deal with being rejected.STUDYTIME: how to deal with rejection WDWLTW:what is happening with BIRD FLU IN COWSbusting a famous mythResources:,in%20Psychological%20Science%2C%202011).
  • Kegels: can they improve your sex life?

    Kegels - or pelvic floor exercises have been popular for years now. A lot of the ideas around them tout that they can make your sex life better, they can help with erectile dysfunction, they can help post pregnancy or even prepare for child birth - but what is the truth. How do you even do a Kegel, and in the end is Pilates even better?Today we break down the science of pelvic floor workouts.STUDYTIME: Will Kegels change your life?WDWLTW:can you smell if it is going to rain?the new way we are recycling concreteReferences:'s%20study%20showed%20that%20the,incontinence%20and%20genital%20organ%20prolapse.
  • Gay Face: why do so many gay people look similar?

    Gay face is a real thing. The science is so fascinating as to why it might exist, and much of the research is meant to help understand the biological impacts of being queer. Today we talk about gay face, do we have it, what does it MEAN to have it and why do so many gay people look the same. The information will likely shock you!STUDYTIME:GAY FACE - why do gay people look like that? LOLWDWLTW:Why are gorilla's SO jacked?What is climate change going to do to sports?REFERENCES:
  • Bird Watching Trip: COME BIRD WITH US!

    Thursday, May 23rd, 2024 at 6:30 pm come meet us at the High Park Nature Centre in Toronto Ontario for a two hour bird walk. Make sure to add us on IG @AsapSCIENCE for updates based on weather etc.I will be there, Mitch will be there and Ali will be there - LEZZZ GO!!!!