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Men at work

Season 1, Ep. 7

Hi again!

In this episode I am joined by the wonderful Ross McIntosh, organisational psychologist and host of the wonderful People Soup Podcast.

Ross brings his experience and approach to consider the role of men at work.

What parts of masculinity impact on men's mental health at work and the roles that we play?

Ross also talks about how compassion and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can be used to promote growth at work and beyond.

We all wear different hats and take on different roles at work but there is more to us than what we do in office / factory / shop floor / site etc etc.

Strap in for an interesting listen with part 2 coming next episode.

Don't forget to share or offer feedback, the more men we can reach, the more the message can spread.

Also, feel free to give Ross' podcast "People Soup" a listen with his approach summarised as: Nourishing the mind to flourish at work.

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    Welcome to the Sh*t, Shower & Self-Care Podcast!This episode I am joined by Tim Cruickshank. Tim takes me through a part of his life and experience and what led to him setting up the MenKind support group in Sheffield via Sheffield Mind. Tim is an inspiring man who demonstrates an example that our own personal actions have the power to positively influence and touch the lives of others.If you want to contact support in Sheffield or in your local area, as Tim suggests, knock on the door and ask. It isn't easy, and it is worth it. The following links may help.
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    Welcome to the Sh*t, Shower, & Self-Care Podcast.This episode I am joined by Sam Hart. Sam shared his passion and experience as a primary school teacher and offers some insights into how young boys discuss mental health and how he tries to understand this in his day to day work. Sam also offers some of his wisdom from his own podcast journey and reading - he hosts The Insight Podcast a wide collection of all things interesting and curious. is part 1 of my discussion with Sam...part 2 should land in the next few weeks. Take care everyone and thank you again for listening. Please share this podcast with others so we can continue to spread the word on male mental health.
  • 13. Weight Expectations

    Welcome to the Sh*t, Shower & Self-Care Podcast!In this episode I am joined by an award winning comedian and author Dave Chawner.Dave talks about his lived experience of Anorexia and his experiences of services as well as his own journey into being a stand-up comedian and going on to share his experience with the world via his book "Weight Expectations". He gives an insight into why he is so passionately an advocate for mental health and how he uses his skills to train and support others to be able to talk about mental health in a non-threatening way. We also discuss what he gets from comedy and why this is akin to blood letting and slapping on the proverbial leeches. Dave also talks about an inspirational male figure from fiction in the shape of the late, great Robin William's legendary performance as Daniel Hillard. Also known as Mrs Doubtfire.Check out Dave and his book on twitter: @davechawner