Should I Delete That?


Andrew Le Page on Love Island or whatever...

Season 1, Ep. 46

This week, Em and Alex talk to former Love Island contestant Andrew Le Page. His very public misstep and subsequent apology went viral as he uttered “I sucked on her tits or whatever…”. These simple words sent the general public into a tailspin while Andrew, living in Mallorca with the UK’s most eligible singles and no access to the outside world, was completely oblivious to the frenzied response. He shares what this was like, opens up about his relationship with Tasha, and enlightens the girls with some production secrets (our fave!).

Alex and Em teased this announcement on socials, and you might already know what’s coming, but listen to find out what exactly it is that they’ve been hiding!

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Produced & edited by Daisy Grant

Music by Alex Andrew

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