SHE is Wise and Woo

  • 12. In search of authenticity

    Recently we had a conversation on our other podcast, The Journey, about Ellie's journey to authenticity, and what it means to be authentic. This led us down the path of wondering what authenticity actually looks like, and why it's important.
  • 11. Time for a little reflection?

    As we approach the end of the year, we seem to be having more reflective conversations, both with each other, and with the people around us. In this episode, we talk about why reflection is important, but more importantly, how to choose the right people to have those conversations with.
  • 10. Spiritual Practice

    Spiritual practice is a deeply personal thing... so why not talk about it, right? Seriously, spiritual practice looks different for everyone, and there are some important things to know as you find your way to what works best for you. We talk about those things in this episode, as well as what works for us. If you want support to explore your own spiritual practice, send us a DM @awakeningthewisewoman on Instagram, or email to schedule a chat.
  • 9. How we connect with ancestors

    This week we talk about ancestors - who they are, how we connect with them, and why that's important. This is one of Erin's most favourite topics, so if you enjoy the conversation, or want to know more, send her a DM @erinhodgsonawakening on Instagram.
  • 8. How to make choices and why it feels hard to choose

    Making choices is a real power move. We sometimes struggle with making choices, especially as people pleasers, but not making a choice... well, that's still making a choice.In this episode we talk about why making choices feels hard, how you can start making choices, and why it gets easier the more we do it.
  • 7. Lighten up

    The last quarter moon this week is in Leo, and the message here is to lighten up! After some heavy emotions this Scorpio season, especially with the Taurus Full moon/Lunar eclipse, it's time to lighten up, raise your vibrations, and look for the positives! In today's episode we talk about this, what we do to lighten up, and why that's important as we move into the end of the year.
  • 6. The power of Gratitude

    Gratitude as a practice is something almost everyone has heard of. But what does it mean to be grateful? Can we practice gratitude even when faced with the harshest challenges? In this episode we discuss how gratitude looks in our own lives, why it can be hard to be grateful sometimes, and what to do when gratitude feels out of reach.
  • 5. Feeling angry?

    Anger is something that has been coming up for us, and our clients, since the Scorpio season kicked in. Anger is an emotion that we often avoid feeling, or struggle to articulate in healthy ways, so we thought we would share some of our own experiences with feeling, showing, and moving through anger.
  • 4. New Moon in Scorpio

    This week we talk about the new moon in Scorpio, what the energy of that brings to the month ahead, and what you can do to get the most out of it!