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Beverly Hell's Angels Ep. 39 - How to Look Poor and Influence People

Season 14

Load Talk 2022 continues, with Lara challenging everyone to a load-centric September, otherwise known as "Loadtember." Plus, Bachelor Nation is discussed, and Carey brings up a scientific startup, partially funded by the Brothers Hemsworth and Paris Hilton, that has plans to resurrect an extinct wolf-dog. Meanwhile, on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...back in the 90210, the Homeless Not Toothless gala rages on, with Garcelle and Rinna coming to blows. Crystal opens up to Rob about her eating disorder, and our FIRST mention of the now-infamous Aspen trip happens at Rinna's flop Rinna Beauty launch party. To hear this episode ad-free AND get access to weekly bonus episodes, become a patron of the pod.

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