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Help I Sexted My Boss

Weekend Release: A Priest, An Australian, And A Secret Shopper

Season 11, Ep. 41

After some reflection on last week’s episode, the boys decide a little more focus is in order. They get straight to work in catching up on your correspondence involving secret shopper hacks, birthday poems, and listing out all the greatest things to come out of Australia (yes, Neighbours is on there).

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  • 61. So Long, Farewell…

    It's been a very positive year for Help I Sexted My Boss, so it's probably about time we hit you with a sucker punch. Before that, the BookTok community has some words of wisdom for William's and Jordan's spines and some shocking revelations from our recent book 'events'.
  • 60. Help It’s Down My Urethra Franklin

    Today the boys have some serious complaints to get off their chests. Jordan’s got issues with his Wrapmaster (have I changed?) and William is NOT happy with the standard of Christmas decor in the Sexted studio. Once Producer Ben has filed them away for processing they can finally get to your dilemmas on whether it’s ever ok to take extra food from a communal buffet and what to do when you’re getting cold feet about your upcoming wedding...
  • 59. Weekend Release: Common List, Welsh Towns and EPB's Ring

    After the release of Nicky Haslam's common list, William and Jordan to work out what's common and what's not. There's also some Welsh and German pronunciation correction and some further reaction to EPB's ring.
  • 58. Help We've Got Some News To Share

    The boys have a VERY big announcement to share (no, it’s not another book) and get to open some lovely gifts from a wonderful G&Diva! There’s also the customary advice regarding your dilemmas on how to tell your friend it’s too soon to move in with their new squeeze and if it’s ever ok to bring a cardboard cut-out of a deceased relative to a wedding. You couldn't make that up!
  • 57. Weekend Release: Jordan's Showreel, Full Moons and AV Adam

    We’ve got a blast from the past this week, with Jordan’s old showreel finally seeing the light of day after 10 years. Let’s just say it received a mixed reception… We also hear back from our mooning G&Diva, and William’s been given a recommendation from a listener who really loves his best mate.
  • 56. Help I've Kegged Myself

    Jordan is sporting a golden tan as he returns to the studio jet-lagged from his holiday to Skegness. Meanwhile, William has been having fun with "Cardboardan North" and Mikey's wondering where they'll be interred. Plus there are dilemmas about hanging around after paying the bill, whether you need to be good looking to get a job on the river and how to deal with a boss who's seen you "keg yourself".
  • 55. Weekend Release: Peas, Condiments and Doppelgangers

    An impromptu recording leads to some interesting revelations about Jordan’s neighbour's ‘squeaky bed’. Meanwhile William has been going viral all over again with some pea-related content. Plus the boys catch up on your correspondence regarding favourite condiments, alternative names for streaming services, and learn that William has a TikTok Doppelganger…
  • 54. Help I’m Non-Mahogany

    There’s a lot to celebrate in the Sexted studios, and things are getting very sloshy (especially William Hanson). But after having their fill of cake and G&D, the boys turn their attention to your dilemmas on how to check if your friend is in an open relationship, and enforcing proper holiday etiquette on badly behaving tourists.
  • 53. Weekend Release: Books, Quirks and Spine Breakers

    William Hanson and Jordan North are officially authors!... Well, William Hanson has already published a number of books… but Jordan North is now officially an author as well! To celebrate, the boys delve into the pages of their new book and answer some quick fire questions from the G&Diva’s.