Help I Sexted My Boss


Help There’s Something In The Butter

Season 11, Ep. 11

This week's episode is all about fresh starts. The Sexted studio has had a glow up, Producer Ben’s feeling refreshed from his holiday, and Jordan has finally conquered the humble Yorkshire pudding! The feeling is short lived though when the boys get on to your dilemmas about cutlery etiquette, pervy father-in-laws, and some rather distasteful activity involving butter.

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    Diva España is here! Listen to this special episode of Help I Sexted My Boss to hear your Amazon Music exclusive code and head to to enter the competition! William and Jordan also start thinking about their Benidorm packing list.
  • 22. Diva Espana: Help It's Your First Chance To Win

    To win the first pair of tickets to Diva Espana, listen to the code in this episode, fill out the form on and you'll be in with a chance on coming to Benidorm with William and Jordan! Elsewhere, ahead of the inaugural meeting of the AFLC (Air Fryers Lovers Club) later this week, the boys have got together to settle some particularly tricky dilemmas involving friends taking advantage of your hospitality, how to cope with being in position of authority at work when your the youngest staff member, and what you should do when a blind date goes COMPLETELY wrong.
  • The ultimate G&Diva summer holiday in Benidorm!

    As part of the Help I Sexted My Boss 5th birthday celebrations, Jordan North is taking William Hanson on a long weekend of Sexted shenanigans in Benidorm, and, the best bit is… you can join in the fun! With the help of the newly-named Producer Benidorm, and thanks to Amazon Music we’re taking a load of lucky G&Divas on holiday to the Costa Blanca with travel and hotel accommodation sorted.
  • Diva Espana: Get Priority Boarding With Amazon Music

  • 21. Weekend Release: The Yorkshire Pudding Millionaire

    All of you G&Diva's have been going wild after this week's Diva España announcement! An excited Jordan and a sceptical William read out your initial reactions and questions about the trip, plus as an extra treat... we have a very special musical guest on the show!
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    After we hear Jordan worrying about the rise of AI and William having issues with the clientele of service stations, the boys reveal they have a BIG, BIG announcement to share with the G&Divas! There’s also the small matter of solving your dilemmas on family members looking through your bins and how to politely deny a visit from the toothless fairy.
  • 20. Weekend Release: I’m A Widgie Man, Myself

    The boys are in top form today, getting straight down to business with your correspondence. They kick off with your funny nicknames, some of which are more acceptable than others. We hear a heartfelt letter from a listener responding to a bridesmaid's dilemma, and a discussion about the best type of coffee quickly evolves into penis talk… again.
  • 20. Help My Brother-In-Law's Coming On To Me

    The boys have all been jet setting lately. Jordan’s been to Chicago, William’s been up the highlands and down again, and even Producer Ben has been allowed on holiday! (What happens in running club, stays in running club). But thankfully they’re all back to earth with a thud to answer your dilemmas on which biscuit to have with your tea, how to navigate speed dating in the age of dating apps, and how to tell your wife that her brother made a pass at you.
  • 19. Weekend Release: Polla De Burro

    Now that William, Jordan and Ben are back from their respective holidays, they can get on with reading your correspondence! Stephen has been in touch with an update on accidentally flashing his soon-to-be mother-in-law. Questions are raised about pineapple tattoos, and we hear what the boys have in their freezers.