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Help I Sexted My Boss

Births, Burials and Brisk Searches

Season 12, Ep. 54

Lots of G&Divas have been in touch to tell us about the weird and wonderful places they’ve listened to the podcast, and some of them are rather unexpected. Plus, a follow-up from an estate agent on what happens to murder houses!

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  • 66. Help My Grandparents Are Nudists

    The boys hear about the dangers of rummaging through your Grandparents’ belongings and lend a hand to a G&Diva dealing with some gassy bedroom tendencies. William corrects his etymology faux pas around the Club Sandwich and Jordan shares his latest TV binge-watching adventures.
  • 65. Book Club, Blowing Kisses and Ball Questions

    Jordan shares his holiday reads in the Sexted book club, William's throwing insults and we get to know the boys through their most used emojis.
  • 64. Help Producer Ben Is Engaged

    The Sexted wedding bells are soon to be ringing again and this time it’s for Ben and Cat! (Congrats guuuuys) Jordan’s been rubbed up by a Greek Bear, whilst William has been enjoying playing with balls at Wimbledon.
  • 63. Sporting Fixtures, The Sleeping Forecast and Summer Neckerchiefs

    This week William has been busy keeping up with the football and tennis (no, we’re not in an alternate universe), whilst Jordan has been gathering compliments on his summer of neckerchiefs. Plus we hear how many of you actually iron your bedsheets, and let’s just say William is far from impressed.
  • 62. Help I Stole A Dead Dog

    Things are getting morbid in the studio this week as we hear about the deathly consequences of stealing other people’s luggage on a train. William is less than impressed with chummy hotel door signs and Jordan needs help finding the right hat for a very fancy affair.
  • 61. Daily Luxuries, DuckTales and Dame Julie Andrews

    With Jordan going on about his Bliss Hour, William has decided to build his own Luxury Hour based on your delightful suggestions. The boys are whisked back to their childhood as they reminisce about classic children's TV theme songs, and a G&Diva shares their connection with William's musical idol, Dame Julie Andrews!
  • 60. Help I’ve Offended A Nun

    There’s nothing holier than Sexted this week. Nun’s the word in the Jolly Joke and a surprising harp-related dilemma. Jordan remembers a shock encounter with a US President and reveals all about his latest cheeky purchase, whilst William shares his pre and post-holiday packing routine.
  • 59. Chloronics, Clit Bang and Chester Drawers

    Jordan’s fuddling up his mucking words again… But he’s not the only one, lots of G&Divas have been in touch with the words and phrases they’ve mixed up. Plus the boys hear about a Yorkshire themed pub on the other side of the world with a questionable use of pineapple.
  • 58. Sexted And Friends: Keeping Up Appearances

    It's another Sexted And Friends special, with our very own William Hanson and Jonathan Vernon-Smith for their luxury podcast about the British sitcom, Keeping Up Appearances. Get your Royal Doulton with the hand-painted periwinkles ready whilst the gentlemen discuss the episode 'Hyacinth Is Alarmed'.