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  • 100: The Virgin Suicides (POODLE EPISODE)

    A reminder that you can support See Also on Patreon!As a member of the Hogg Hive, you'll get:Ad-free versions of every See AlsoA minimum of 6 extra ad-free episodes of See Also every year, including over the holidays and next weekFurther discounted codes for live showsOur eternal love, duhSee Also is 100! But you'd never tell because we moisturise. Thank you for listening to and enjoying the pod – it's a pleasure to bring you silly-smart conversations every week.Also celebrating their birthdays this week are Sofia Coppola – who turned 53 on Tuesday – and her debut feature The Virgin Suicides, which came out 25 years ago. To mark two of these three occasions (guess which), Kate and Brodie go deep on the Lisbon sisters and the boys who loved them.Even if you're seen the film a million times, it holds up to a re-watch – trust us.We cover the Eugenides BTS cynicism, Hartnett at his prime, Trip's gay dad(s), the time Brodie met Kathleen Turner, memory's flimsy logic and the time Kate first tried Pepsi Max, the comedy Sofia never gets credit for and the image-making she's so skilled at, the boys who'll always remember and the girls who were never really theirs/there.See Alsos“The Virgin Suicides” Still Holds the Mysteries of Adolescence by Emma Cline“They Hadn’t Heard Us Calling” by Megan AbbottWhy I’m obsessed with this dark, dreamy novel" by Dizz TateSofia Coppola’s Bedrooms by Katie McDonoughScores on Screen. Clouds Up: Air and the Soundtrack of "The Virgin Suicides" by Clare Nina NorelliJosh Hartnett on THE kissDan Levy's story of visiting the set Kiki in Interview in 2000Sofia Coppola x Tavi Gevinson in RookieTavi Gevinson on The Virgin Suicides in NPR in 2012Bill Owens book 'Suburbia'Idea LTDAir will play Moon Safari at the Sydney Opera House for VIVID

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  • 99: Like a Glory Hole for Salads

    Pop over to and sign up to the Hogg Hive to hear an extended version of this week's episode, featuring our off-the-cuff Met Gala reactions.This episode opens with a live review of the Hailey Bieber smoothie from Erewhon. Jinxy's sipping her way across LA, and fills us in on brunch at Canter's, an iconic but annoying day out with Angelyne at the Pleasure Chest, and an enviable visit to Noodle Stories. She's hit the Vanderpump Triangle in WeHo – but only to Bottega Louie, not TomTom (yet).BL goes deep on a night with Niall Horan and a life-changing day at SPUDFEST in Trentham. Is she the spudman after all?Then it's time for a discussion of our favourite Highsmith menacing gay, Tom Ripley, and the latest Netflix iteration of the guy who "likes" "girls", from creator/writer Steve Zaillan.See AlsosThe Garden Against Time by Olivia LaingThe American Friend (1977) by Wim WendersThe Night OfAlso AlsosHere in the Pitch by Jessica PrattHacks season 3 (on Stan in Australia)Ed Ruscha / Now Then retrospective at LACMASoft Services Software UpdateVegethreads Organic classic TArchive No. 1 by Hattie Stewart (with an intro by Brodie!)
  • 98: No Platitudes at Gratitude Café

    Join the Hogg Hive on Patreon for ad-free episodes every week, and some upcoming bonus episodes.This week, Kate and Brodie participate in their pre-scheduled catch-up time – you know how friends do that?Kate's in LA and packed badly, watched 3 Body Problem, attempted to go to Schwartz and Sandy's, keeps seeing Cybertrucks, visited the Indigo Girls-themed bathroom at Rubyfruit and caught up on Mission Impossible on the plane. BL has to do a quick post-season recap of Vanderpump Rules, had a bit of an annoying trip to Sydney, devolves into a complaint about circus performers in hotels, watched an entire movie on free-to-air TV and experienced a very silly case of mistaken identity at France-Soir.If you're in LA, come see Zoe's show Every Single Thing in My Whole Entire Life at UCB on Fairfax 6 May as part of Netflix is a Joke festival.See AlsoIngrid Goes WestKajillionaireThe First Bad Man a book club based on a novel by Miranda JulyCole Escola on StraightiolabThe Sydney airport trainAlso AlsosHB Achive's Poet shirtAnother Slice by Nat PaullCarrot, Fennel and Wild Rice SoupD'Arcy'Carden's podcast WikiholeViolette Bisou Balm FR in Amour Fou from Mecca Inner Studio
  • 97: Civil War + Back to Black

    This week, Kate and Brodie debrief on a bodybuilding competition (where is a delt?), Dopesick (what even is it?), Kate didn't DJ a sex party but did go to The Almighty Sometimes at MTC, Brodie tries to explain who Jerrod Carmichael is and wrote the latest Good Weekend cover story on Angourie Rice.Then, we discuss the disgraceful new Amy Winehouse biopic Back to Black, a debrief on the massive, overwhelming and excellent Alex Garland film Civil War.Skip from 35:08 – 55:43 for Civil War spoilers.See AlsoAmy (2015) by Asif KapadiaMark Ronson on working with Amy WinehouseNew Yorker Critics at Large episode on Civil WarKirsten Dunst in VarietyKirsten Dunst on choosing roles with female directors Men (2022)Power of the Dog (2021)Also AlsosHate Read, anonymous essays in Deez LinksSteve! on Apple TV+Robe 3–in-1: Clean & Finish haircareCosRX Good Morning Low-pH Gel CleanserAutumn Also playlist Get your flu and booster vaxx!!
  • 96: Girlfriends (Toy Poodle) – re-release

    It was only a matter of time.In this re-release of a classic Poodle episode, Kate and Brodie come together to discuss Girlfriends, Claudia Weill's directorial debut from 1978, and an absolutely perfect film. Co-written by Vicki Polon, it starts Melanie Mayron as Susan Weinblatt, who has a perfect face and spends her days shooting bar mitzvahs and waiting for her big, artistic break in late-'70s New York City. When her best friend and roommate, Anne (Anita Skinner), a writer, gets married and moves out of their apartment, Susan searches for ways to repair her loneliness. She meets Eric (a hunky young Christopher Guest), grows close to Rabbi Aaron Gold (Eli Wallach), brings home a hitchhiker named Ceil (Amy Wright) and tries to bridge the distance by spending time upstate with Anne and her husband, Martin (Bob Balaban). A film about friendship, making art and platonic love, Girlfriends is so much more than the sum of its parts and a tidy plot summary. Seek it out as soon as you can!See AlsosBL's piece in the GuardianStanley Kubrick interviewTurner Classic Movies intro to GirlfriendsClaudia Weill speaking about Girlfriends at BAM, BFI and UCLA; on Criterion and Bobbie Wygant.Millie De Chirico's podcast I Saw What You Did with Danielle HendersonWatch AlsoJoyce at 34 (See Also for us!!)It's My TurnCrossing Delancey
  • 95: This is Me … (Apocalypse) Now with Isobel Beech

    Head on over to to join the Hogg Hive for an ad-free, extended version of this episode!This week, Brodie is joined by Isobel Beech, the author of a true See Also FAVE book Sunbathing, to discuss the work of another a fellow auteur, Jennifer Lopez. Issy is trying to start a movement, and spread the word about JLo's "feature film" This Is Me … Now and its companion making-of documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told. So consider this episode activism.We discuss the way she handles mud, her obsession with "The Block", how insuring your butt was 2000s culture, the "Zodiacal Council", and everyone dressing like they're extras on Younger. Brodie pitches a Freaky Friday reboot with her and JLo, and Issy declares, "There's nothing that JLo does that can't be done by someone else" … except this movie!!!See AlsoBuy a copy of SunbathingPop Stars vs the attention economyWesley Morris on This Is Me … NowAlso AlsosSinus irrigationBeautician and the BeastReality DayAmy Odell's newsletter Back RowMariah Carey's 2018 album CautionGet Right, JLo's 2001 single
  • 94: What's the Brown?

    Get your tickets for our encore screening of GIRLFRIENDS now!Right in with RHONY news: they're all back, minus Cass Bird. BL had an aborted trip to Sircuit, visited country Victoria again and tries to explain a techno event collab slash dinner that gets Very Melbourne. And Jinxy spent Easter going The Most Sydney: on a boat. Also: Girls 5Eva is Kate's favourite band.Go see Zoe Coombs Marr's show Every Single Thing in My Whole Entire Life.Then, we discuss the end (?) of the TradWife, and follow its threads into "DIML" content, the flattening of a life for clicks and what happens when all an audience can wonder about it is "where'd you get it?" We talk about hiding our content, out-of-pocket DMs and why subscribing for specific content is good, actually?Speaking of: Members of the Hogg Hive get a bonus segment this week, recapping how we went with our plans for Q1.Join to hear it + every episode, ad-free!See AlsoPalm Royale cocktail guideThe Rise and Fall of the Trad Wife by Sophie ElmhirstAlison Roman's newsletter entry on "recommendation culture"Also AlsosExpatsCeremonia Guava Rescue SprayJessica Pratt's mix for NTS: RHYTHM ON THE WESTMatéo sodaRead your own libraryWeTransfer presents: The Day I Met Bjork. Photographs by Spike JonzeFind us on Instagram @seealsopodcast