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  • 39. The Dildo Unicorn

    What a week for both ladies! One got away with the family and the other has been celebrating a massive poo achievement. We hear from a Mum who struggled with a house guest whilst pregnant, and we've also got double dildo action with two separate Mums having their itchy leg toys exposed!

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  • 38. The Giant Poo Problem

    A new episode... On a Thursday?? YEP! We've had a rejig at the Secret Mum Club HQ which means that you'll get your weekend fix every Thursday! After all, Thursday is the new Friday.To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have even more of your messages in the Correspondence Corner and an Extra Secret of The Week! Full disclosure, you might want to put your butter knives down before you hear this one.
  • 37. The Big Bump Crew

    We're back boo! After a short break, Sophiena and Emma are back in the studio... and they have LOADS to catch up on! We hear about the sickness, bath time methods, and as always, there is plenty of chat about bodily functions. Your correspondence and secrets are just as unhinged as this episode with one Dad causing a panic, an unfortunate interaction with a father-in-law and quite possibly the biggest secret we've ever had!
  • 36. Introducing... Carrie Jane Does Not Exist

    While the ladies are taking a little break, we've got a brand new podcast to keep you company! Carrie Jade Does Not Exist is the story of how one woman, who took on over six different identities, infiltrated the lives of vulnerable people, and lied her way into gaining their trust. Sue Perkins and journalist Katherine Denkinson will tell the story of how Carrie built up a picture-perfect persona and scammed her way into the literary world until she finally got tangled up in her very own web of lies.Listen to the full six-part series wherever you get your podcasts!
  • 35. Lube, Tampons and Glowsticks

    There’s a lot of itchy legs chat this week, with Sophiena still not getting jiggy with lube, a listener’s creative use of a sexy cleaners outfit and a teacher’s woe at finding out about a bedroom pole. Emma brings some much needed respite from it all with her weekly round-up and a few more messages from other Mums dealing with clingy toddlers, and a bit of mischief in the garden.
  • 34. BONUS: Siblings

    We love them, we hate them, but at the end of the day they’re your siblings! Emma and Sophiena go through the ups and downs of growing up with brothers and sisters, plus they try to help listener Sarah who asked how to deal with bickering children.
  • 33. The Secret Daddies Club

    We always knew the potential power of this podcast… but through a correspondence corner letter, we realise how potent it truly is! This week we hear from our first ever Daddy and as always, you’ve sent in some top notch secrets about spilling crumbs on the baby, and a close call in the hospital!