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Secret Mum Club with Sophiena

BONUS: Back To School

Season 1, Ep. 18

We’re back boo! This week’s bonus topic comes from listener Steph, who wants to know how to get back to normal after the school holidays, and the ladies have plenty to say on the matter! From Sophiena’s current struggles with Dottie sleeping to Emma figuring out Joseff’s nursery schedule, we’ve got you covered.

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  • 13. The Hairy White Bum

    With not long to go, prep for the babies is underway in both households! As well as running around the house, Sophiena brings us a secret about Colby's football practice. And we have letters from you about an obsession with Hey Duggee (because who doesn't love the stick song??), a nurse's unwarranted nickname for "fu fu cottage cheese", and swimming pool changing room antics.
  • 12. The Best Bits: Valentine's Edition

    We've had a fair few saucy secrets from you, and seeing as it's Valentine's week, we're re-sharing our favourites! Soph and Emma run through some of the most iconic love-related letters, and react again!
  • 11. The Valentine's Surprise

    Love is in the air, and the itchy legs brigade is out! We've got three of your Valentine's related secrets and an extra special surprise for the ladies. Stepping away from all the romance we also have a whole bunch of your misheard lyrics suggestions, and they are GOLD!
  • 10. The Floater Problem

    It turns out Sophiena isn't the only one dealing with floaters in a pool... We hear from a listener who tells us about her own floater stories and there are more pronunciation mishaps at nursery! As it's Internet Safety week, we have a topical secret about keeping children safe online.
  • 9. The Slutty Slug

    It's finally happened... the ladies watched Saltburn. Traumatised isn't the word. But away from plug-hole licking, Sophiena shares Dottie's latest school troubles, we hear about one toddler's love for Lego Ninjas, and a Mum's loud return to the gym.
  • 8. The Wild Urination

    Be warned... this episode is full of surprises, and they aren't for the faint of heart. Firstly, we find out that Dottie isn't the only tooth-yanker out there, and then we have a secret with so many twists that you should definitely be sat down for this one.
  • 7. The BFF Key Rings

    Sophiena and Emma might be taking their relationship to the next level. After seeing Amanda Booth on TikTok's crafty clay work they're thinking of getting BFF Key Rings in the shape of their bum holes (yep, that exists!). As their relationship takes this new high, they also hear from a Mum who needs a bit of advice on administering Calpol, and a little one whose midheard lyric is ICONIC.
  • 6. The Magic Photo

    What’s creamy, lumpy, and definitely not cottage cheese? You’ll find out soon because this week the ladies dive straight into the bodily fluids chat! On a somewhat cleaner note, they also get some inside knowledge from a midwife, a listener shares their swimming journey, and there’s a case of a badly timed saucy photo.
  • 5. The Hairy Bath

    The BIG bumps are in full force with Sophiena having regular baths to help alleviate the pressure and Emma having trouble clothes shopping. But even with the bumps growing, the ladies still have time to read your wonderful letters and secrets! This week we have a baby who loves asking you to 'kiss it better', more chocolate starfish chat and a toddler taking inspiration from Shania Twain.