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A podcast about people who have made a major life or career change into acting.

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  • 110. EP 110: Neta Rose: Teacher Turned Actor

    In this episode of Second Act Actors, host Janet McMordie chats with teacher turned actor, Neta Rose about their personal journey in the acting industry. They explore the challenges of starting out as actors and the pressure to conform to societal expectations. They also delve into the topic of financial insecurity and how it can impact an actor's career choices. Neta shares their experience of taking a break from acting and pursuing other careers before ultimately returning to their passion. They discuss the importance of embracing non-linearity in both personal and professional growth and the value of self-discovery in finding authenticity as an actor. In this final part of the conversation, Neta shares a humorous incident during a performance and reflects on their journey of self-discovery. They emphasize the importance of knowing oneself as an actor and finding pride in one's work.Takeaways:-Financial insecurity can be a significant barrier for actors, but finding stability and financial responsibility outside of acting can alleviate some of the pressure.-Taking a break from acting and exploring other careers can provide valuable life experiences and a broader perspective, ultimately enhancing an actor's craft.-Scarcity mentality can hinder an actor's growth and sense of community. --Embracing abundance and recognizing the value of collaboration can lead to a more fulfilling and successful career.-The decision to return to acting should be based on personal authenticity and readiness, rather than external pressures or timelines.-Insecurity and self-doubt are common in the acting industry, but acknowledging and reframing these feelings can lead to personal growth and resilience.-Non-linearity is a natural part of life and career paths. Embracing the unexpected and being open to new opportunities can lead to personal and professional fulfillment. Embrace unexpected moments and roll with them in improv performances.-Knowing who you are as a person enhances your acting abilities.-Self-discovery is an ongoing process that allows for personal and professional growth.-Don't try to fit yourself into boxes; be true to who you are as an actor.

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  • 109. EP 109: Sundance Potpourri

    Today's episode is a special one, straight from the heart of the Sundance Film Festival. I've titled it "Sundance Potpourri" because it's a collection of mini interviews with some incredible talents I had the pleasure of meeting in Park City, Utah.First up, we have Ian Bawa, a director from Winnipeg, who shared his journey from "failed law student" to a filmmaker. His short film "My Son Went Quiet" premiered at Slamdance, an indie film festival adjacent to Sundance, and it's a powerful piece based on his true life story, complete with the real 911 call from a pivotal moment in his life.Next, we chatted with John Mawson, a Merchant Marine-turned-actor, who's now involved in an audio drama project. He shared his transition from the sea to the screen and the importance of creating your own content.We also hear from Chris Nash and Pierce Dirks, the director and director of photography, respectively, of "In a Violent Nature," the only Canadian film at Sundance this year. They discussed the challenges and improvisations during filming, including reshooting with a stripped-down crew and budget.Next, I had a heartwarming conversation with Sallieu Sesay, a med-surg nurse turned actor, originally from Sierra Leone. He spoke about the discipline required in both medicine and acting, the importance of a solid financial foundation, and the emotional drive behind his career change.Finally, a short conversation with actress and filmmaker, Amira Lopez, about the importance of creating your own work and having proper representation within our industry.Each guest brought their unique perspective on the industry, and it's clear that no matter where you start, passion and perseverance can lead to a fulfilling career...AND A TRIP TO THE SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL!
  • 108. EP 108: LIVE from The Sundance Film Festival - CASTING DIRECTOR PANEL

    Part 1 of my Sundance Film Festival content! I had an incredible time at the festival and it all began with this panel.Join moderators, WeAudition's Richard Cambridge & Darren Darnborough, LIVE as they unpack the transformative power of casting in film with insights straight from the Sundance Film Festival's Craft of Casting panel. Listen in as three top casting directors share their expertise on how selecting the right talent—from stars to day players—can make or break a film's success. They discuss the complexities of casting within a film's development and provide invaluable advice for actors auditioning for smaller roles, ensuring their performances contribute to the film's rich tapestry.Explore the evolution of acting auditions, from the nerve-wracking experience of live auditions to the comfort of self-taping, highlighting the increased accessibility for talent outside traditional media hubs. The conversation also turns to the future of casting, pondering how technology may continue to shape the industry. And for those seeking career advancement, they delve into the role of authenticity and the strategic use of social media in carving out a successful path in acting.Wrap up this episode with a look at the casting process for indie films, where passion for the script and the thrill of discovering new talent take center stage. The casting directors reveal the inner workings of advocating for actors and share tips on making an impression with self-tape introductions. From the importance of representation in casting to the influence of social media on acting careers, this episode offers a comprehensive overview of the casting world.
  • 107. EP 107: Andromeda Godfrey: Photographer, Make-Up Artist, Baker & Mom Turned Actor

    ***There is an audio echo during the first couple minutes of our interview but I promise you it goes away at 2:00!!****In this conversation, Andromeda discusses her experiences and upcoming projects in the acting industry. She shares the challenges she faced and how she navigated them. Andromeda also talks about her upcoming movie release and the impact of strikes on the industry. She shares her experience working on the film 'Love at First Sight' and discusses the fast-paced nature of romantic comedies. Finally, she offers some words of advice for aspiring actors.TakeawaysActors often face challenges in their careers and need to navigate them with determination and resilience.Upcoming movie releases can be exciting for actors, but they may need to consider external factors such as strikes in the industry.Strikes can have a significant impact on the availability of acting opportunities.Working on romantic comedies can be fast-paced, requiring actors to adapt quickly and deliver their best performances.Actors should embrace all acting opportunities and be open to different roles and genres.Commitment and perseverance are essential in pursuing acting dreams.
  • 106. EP 106: Brian Patacca: Career Coach

    In this industry episode of Second Act Actors, career coach Brian Patacca shares his journey from acting to coaching and how he helps actors navigate their careers. He emphasizes the importance of being interested and engaged in life, as well as embracing one's uniqueness. Brian explains his coaching process, which includes dispelling myths, focusing on casting profiles, and understanding the business. He encourages actors to approach the industry with data, not drama, and to make the process fun. In this conversation, Brian breaks down the process of reaching out to agents and managers, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and vulnerability. He encourages actors to own their story and not hide their past experiences. Brian also highlights the significance of being present in one's career and regularly engaging in acting. He advises actors to navigate the noise in the industry by carefully selecting the voices they listen to and focusing on actions that move the needle. Brian shares his favorite moments in acting and coaching, and offers advice on finding the right coach or mentor. He concludes by reminding actors that they are called to do this work.Takeaways:-Embrace your uniqueness and use it to your advantage in your acting career.-Be interested and engaged in life, as it will enhance your performances and attract opportunities.-Focus on your casting profiles and make sure they accurately represent you.-Approach the industry with data, not drama, and be open to rejection as a learning experience.-Make the process of pursuing your acting career fun and enjoyable. Be authentic and vulnerable when reaching out to agents and managers.-Own your story and don't hide your past experiences.-Regularly engage in acting to stay connected to your purpose.-Navigate the noise in the industry by selecting the voices you listen (Broader Focus – under construction & currently redirects to the podcast) (Brian Breaks Character Podcast) (Free Training – Entertainment Focus)* (Free Download – Actor Focus)*INSTAGRAM @BrianSaysThat’S FACEBOOK PAGE
  • 105. EP 105: Amy Lawley: Sales Executive Turned Actor

    In this episode of Second Act Actors, host Janet McMordie and her guest, Amy Lawley, discuss their frustrations with auditions and the lack of specificity in casting calls. They share their experiences in the acting industry and the importance of visualizing characters. They also talk about the therapeutic aspect of acting and how it allows them to explore different emotions and experiences. Janet and Amy discuss their journeys in acting and the process of rediscovering themselves as actors. They emphasize the power of storytelling and the ability to create empathy through acting. Amy also talks about the challenges of rebuilding her career in a new country and the limitations of online auditions. Amy chats about the importance of being genuine and easy to work with, as well as the challenges of networking and making friends as an adult. She provides advice for those interested in getting back into acting or pursuing it later in life. The conversation concludes with a discussion about looking forward to the future and a final piece of wisdom: take the stairs.TakeawaysAuditions can be frustrating when casting calls lack specificity and are open to any ethnicity, gender, and age.Acting allows individuals to explore different emotions and experiences, providing a therapeutic outlet.Visualizing characters and having a clear vision of what is wanted in casting can lead to more effective and efficient auditions.Acting is a form of storytelling that can create empathy and connect people through shared experiences.Rebuilding a career in a new country can be challenging, especially with the limitations of online auditions. Being genuine and easy to work with is crucial in the acting industry.Networking and building relationships are important for success in acting.Making friends as an adult can be challenging, but it's important to be yourself.Getting back into acting requires pushing through fear and imposter syndrome.Pursuing acting later in life can be an advantage due to life experience.Taking the stairs, or choosing the harder path, can lead to greater rewards.
  • 104. EP 104: Charlot Daysh

    In this episode of Second Act Actors, Charlot Daysh, an actor from Norway, shares her journey in the acting industry with host Dr Janet McMordie. She talks about her early acting career, formal training, and moving to Canada. Charlot emphasizes the importance of using life experiences in acting and doing research to relate to characters. She discusses the differences between the Norwegian and Canadian film industries and offers networking tips for actors. Charlot also highlights the significance of taking care of mental health and treating acting as a business. She shares her favorite moments on set and looks forward to upcoming projects.Takeaways:-Use your life experiences to enhance your acting.-Build a network and be supportive of other actors.-Take care of your mental health and treat acting as a business.-Control what you can control and focus on delivering your best in auditions.