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The Lynx and Us

Season 3, Ep. 7
I chat to David Hetherington, author of 'The Lynx and Us' and arguably the UK's foremost expert on Lynx and its proposed reintroduction to Britain. We discuss the issues of land management, the need for reafforestation and peatland restoration in Scotland to combat climate change and the overpopulation of deer and controversially for some, sheep. The lack of any apex predators means an imbalanced ecosystem. So surely reintroduction of apex predators like the lynx (and wolves and bears?) is a no brainer, right?Well, it's a complex topic and there is certainly a healthy level of opposition from various camps. Some for genuinely valid reasons, and some based in an arguably misled fear about having predators back in our landscape. It's a fascinating discussion with David, an engaging and knowledgeable advocate for lynx and their reintroduction to Britain after many centuries of absence.Successful reintroduction projects in Europe are explored as well as the real impact of lynx on sheep farmers. A more nuanced issue than you might assume. Have a listen and decide for yourself. Is it time that the iconic lynx came back to Britain?Sean's Wild Life podcast is produced and edited by Thomas Ntinas. Title track 'A Wild Life' kindly composed and donated by Mark Rose. Production costs are self funded by Sean McCormack, but donations to fund future episodes are welcome at or here on Acast Supporter here: