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The Scudetto curse strikes again as the Italian teams fall short in Europe, and UEFA add to their pain by turning up the difficulty in the draw. It's not all doom and gloom though, at least not for inter who take a last-lap lead in the race for winter champions, nor for an impressive Empoli who upset Napoli. But there's only one victorious max this weekend and it's not Allegri. All that plus updates from elsewhere.. on this episode of Scudetto!

Running Order:

(00:00) Intros, drinks, and unpleasantries

(03:09) Inter and Juve star in Champions League draw that was, then wasn't, then was again; Atalanta, Lazio and Napoli learn Europa League fate

(06:56) Inter take a last-lap lead in the race for winter champions

(09:05) Napoli's fall from grace continues with a home defeat to Empoli, but visitors continue to impress

(14:18) Zlatan magic rescues point for Milan against resolute Udinese, following disappointment in Europe

(17:11) Atalanta overcome Verona challenge to assert scudetto credentials, Juventus stutter to solitary point against improving Venezia

(21:20) Best of the Rest

(22:55) Good week/ Bad week

(26:02) KUWTI: Keeping up with the Italians

(28:24) Honourable and dishonourable mention

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