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Hello Serie A Fan,

It's been a week in which football has understandably not been at the top of the agenda. Nonetheless, we move forward with Coppa Italia drama as Allegri revels in a 1-0 masterclass and the Milan sides slog it out. We'll discuss that, the best of last weekend's action and look forward to the weekend ahead. In this episode of Scudetto.

Running order:

(00:00) Intros, drinks and unpleasantries 

(02:16) Vlahovic faces hostile return to Florence in Coppa Italia semi-final, but Juve escape with a still-precious away goal

(07:24) Milan and Inter follow up box-office title showdown with snoozefest Derby della Madonnina in Coppa Italia semi-final

(10:23) Napoli prepare for Milan showdown with thrilling late winner away to Lazio; Sarri bemoans wasted chances, while Napoli emerge as in-form title contenders

(15:09) Atalanta looking to avenge 4-1 Bergamo defeat to Roma this weekend; La Dea swat Sampdoria aside as Roma keep sailing close to the wind

(18:53) Best of the rest

(21:59) Keeping up with the Italians

(23:49) Good week / bad week

(27:14) Honourable and dishonourable mentions

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