O Little Town of Be...rgamo

Merry Christmas Serie A fan,

It’s time for our annual Christmas special where we catch up on all the action from the last week. A victorious end of the year for inter, and for Max who benefits from the Scudetto curse (in reverse). 

But a disappointing finish for Milan, Napoli and Atalanta, who can’t get onto the panettone soon enough. 

We discuss all this plus kudos to Fiorentina, solidarity with Catania and all manner of other festivities and cheer... on this episode of Scudetto!

Running Order:

(00:00) Intros, drinks, and unpleasantries

(03:15) Inter confirmed as winter champions, praise for Inzaghi

(06:21) Juventus are somehow back in the Champions League reckoning

(11:15) Milan end the year with a victory but a break couldn't come soon enough

15:34 After being dubbed contenders, Atalanta endure week from hell

20:12 Fiorentina continue to impress under Vinny Italian

23:32 the Salernitana show in full swing

26:12 Best of the Rest

(27:59) Good week/ Bad week

(33.03) KUWTI: Keeping up with the Italians

(35:00) Honourable and dishonourable mentions

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