Euro Special 2020: St Giorgio and the Dragons

Hello, Azzurri fan. Italy exceed the world's expectations, but not ours, as the swiss fail to deliver the efficiency we were promised. We heap praise on Locatelli and speculate about just how far Italy could go. all that plus a Wales scouting report from an English spy and some chat about Gattuso that is already out of date.

All this plus the customary #civilisedbeer selection and our regular honourable & dishonourable mentions.

Running Order:

(00:00) Intros, drinks and unpleasantries

(07:07) Reaction to Italy vs Switzerland, the world wakes up to Italy and Locatelli

(13:31) Wales scouting report

(16:46) Italy to rotate in the final group game?

(21:10) Transfer update:

  • Buffon to Parma
  • Tomori to Milan
  • Dionisi leaves Empoli for Sassuolo
  • Rodrigo De Paul to Atleti

(21:39) Gattuso and Fiorentina divorce after 3 weeks, Spurs next for the manager?

(25:31) Honourable and dishonourable mentions

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