End of season extravaganza

Hello, Serie A fan! The season is over, and it's party time as we crack out the beers and reflect on the final day action, not to mention the off-pitch action that's just getting started as 8 out of the top 10 clubs sack the gaffer. We'll give you our take on all of that and theorise about the national squad composition. All this before the main event, The Scudetto Awards and Dis/Honourable League Table

Boaz, Kenny and Oscar discuss Allegri and Inzaghi incoming at Juve and Inter, Milan's crucial victory in Bergamo and Roberto Mancini's provisional Italy squad. All this plus the customary #civilisedbeer selection and the inevitable return of #ASKSCUDETTO. 

Running Order: 

(00:00) Intros, drinks and unpleasantries

(04:16) The final day of the season recap: Milan win in Bergamo

(09:58) Juve achieve Champions League qualification, but Pirlo gets swiftly replaced with Allegri

 (14:13) Conte and Inter (un)surprisingly announce contract resolution. 

(15:32) What next for the champions? Is Simone Inzaghi the right man for the job?

(19:39) Roberto Mancini's provisional squad selection opinions

(24:45) A bitter end to the Donnarumma and Milan love affair

(32:20) The Inaugural end of season Scudetto Awards:

  • Gagliardini Challenge is no more
  • Livin' La Vidal Loca
  • Calcio's Worst Dressed
  • Best Managerial Accessory
  • Biggest PR Fail
  • Best Beef

(47:50) The inevitable return of #ASKSCUDETTO

(53:24) Dis/Honourable League Table

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