Doctor of Calcio

Hello Serie A fan, after a bruising international break, the scudetto crew is back and to add insult to injury both Milan and Napoli have lost their unbeaten status ruining both Boaz’s weekend and Serie A's bragging rights in one fell swoop.

We get into all of that and look ahead to the champions league plus children’s parties, underqualified doctors and the podcast’s kiss of death on this episode of Scudetto.

Running Order:

(00:00) Intros, drinks, and unpleasantries

(03:50) Milan's unbeaten streak comes to a screeching end in Florence

(08:48) Inter and Napoli play out the game of the season

(13:10) Juventus continue their return to form with a turgid victory away to Lazio

(15:46) Champions League fixtures, aka the Scudetto kiss of death

(19:30) reflections on Italy's "disastrous" World Cup qualification campaign

(26:35) Good week/ Bad week

(28:40) Best of the rest

(30:40) KUWTI: Keeping up with the Italians

(32:18) Honourable and dishonourable mentions

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