Cigarettes & Aquila

Hello Serie A fan, is it better to be a lion in the league and a kitten in the cup? Or would you sacrifice the Scudetto for some European glory? We tackle these big questions with the help of a very special guest. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to discuss the important things as well. Sarri’s eagle. Punching a ref in the face. And the €10,000 crotch grab

Special Guest: Elaine (@MilanObsession)

Running Order:

(00:00) Intros, drinks, and unpleasantries

(03:04) Rome Derby reactions

(07:22) Inter stumble vs Atalanta and Shakhtar

(12:43) Juventus beat Chelsea to top group

(16:06) Milan frustrated in Champions League

(26:05) Italy vs Spain preview

(28:25) Best of the Rest

(29:40) Good week/ Bad week

(33:04) KUWTI: Keeping up with the Italians

(35:44) Honourable and dishonourable mentions

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