Scooters, Shooters and Shottas: a Curious tale

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  • SSS Pilot Episode part 2

    Fleeing two crews of homicidal, gun-toting rival roadmen, Mad Ballers and Skeleton Crew, with a key of stolen cocaine, queer hoodrats Kola and Ranksy must avoid being shot, run off the road on their moped and getting shanked, in order to survive long enough to profit from their ill-gotten gains.

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  • SSS Pilot Episode part 1

    In a Sex Education meets Top Boy style audio drama, the piece gives a voice to under-represented queer people of color. Reflecting an honest and well-rounded insight into club culture, the drama fosters discussions about racism, homelessness, homophobia and other issues faced by the black LGBTQ+ community
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    'Introducing queer hoodrats Kola, Ranksy and Bunni Boi - join them at the beginning of a crazy journey through ends, on a night of peril and mayhem. Think Top Boy smashed into Sex Education...'