Science at the Movies


The Thing (1982)

Ep. 52
**THE ANTARCTICA TREATY WILL EXPIRE IN 2048**The Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty was signed in 1991 and came into effect in 1998. In Article 25, it cites a 50-year expiration date. If another protocol is not agreed upon, there is nothing stopping countries from seizing and occupying Antarctic land without any restrictions on protecting this precious environment. Antarctica is already under threat from Global Warming and science must continue to monitor changes and determine how to restore this habitat. Don't let it go silently.The Antarctic Treaty:, we also did an episode. Freda felt like it was time for another movie where someone loses both hands; The Thing, John Carpenter's of course! Did you know people hated it when it was first released? But today audiences love the nihilism and sometimes want to hear about the worse possible situation that could ever unfold. Abi is angry about dogs, and she has every right to be. John Carpenter got a fancy budget and spent in on Ennio Morricone but Ennio just did the music like John Carpenter did, which means John Carpenter could have saved a lot of money. We can't stop thinking about this! And then Quentin Tarantino used Ennio Morricone's John Carpenter score for the Hateful Eight and round and round it goes. Freda is afraid of her Aloe plant. Kurt Russel is a daddy and his hat is really big. The end. Other episode references:Den of Geek original reviews: imaging: imaging: Perspective: Cabin fever – the impact of lockdown on children and young peopleWhat kind of science to people do Antarctica: in Antarctica: