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Shift Old Views and Ease Anxiety with Elke Scholz

Elke Scholz, MA, RP, REACE, is a registered Psychotherapist, an internationally registered Expressive Art Consultant/Educator, and an internationally certified EMDR Therapist. She is the well-known author of 3rd edition, Loving Your Life, containing over 40 creative exercises as an e-book and paperback, Foreword by Kate Donohue. She is also an affiliate author for ProjectHappiness. Her work includes creative anti-anxiety/wellness kits for employees, youth-at-risk, and seniors in managing anxiety and depression. For over 35 years Elke has helped people and runs her private therapy practice in Bracebridge, Muskoka. She has spoken and facilitated at conferences, on radio, and on TV. She is a co-chair on the board for IEATA, International Expressive Art Therapy Association.

Anxiety, paradigm, belief, empowering, trauma, depression, PTSD, worry, nervousness, self-assured, assertive, positive, self-confident 

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