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Perfectionism - strength or weakness?

Season 1, Ep. 120

Perfectionism has risen in the workplace in recent years. It can be a huge positive in terms of work standards but also predisposes people to stress, anxiety and burnout.

In this episode I look at ways to capitalise on its strengths and mitigate any negatives. Not sure if you are one? Take the quiz below.


Take the quiz - are you a perfectionist?:

Perfectionism in younger generations:

Downsides of perfectionism:

DSM-V - classification of perfectionism:


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  • 124. B12 deficiency - the truth about it and the latest NICE guidance behind this all-important public health issue

    B12 deficiency affects up to 20% of people over the age of 60. It is often left undiagnosed but can presentin many ways. In this episode I look at the nuance involved in making the diagnosis and treating it appropriatelyso that people do not come to harm.NICE guidance: vitamins: Casimir Funk: (B1 deficiency): anaemia: food sources: that affect B12: MCV: testing: B12: decent explanation of methylation and why not all types of B12 and folate are the same for all: with B12/folate fortified foods if you have a methylation issue as they can be in the wrong form: B12 vs oral vs infection: HEALTH FIX - probably the best health book in the world ; ) -
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    Biohacking is essentially optimising your biology to improve your health and longevity. It was popularised in Silicon Valley by the tech community and is now, and is a market that is growing by about 10% a year. But is it worth it and more importantly is it safe?Silicon Valley and biohacking: summary of biohacking: D VDR mutation: ring - a view: extraordinaire: variability: are infrared saunas?: filtered water better for us? products and potential iodine toxicity: overload?: or share my book THE HEALTH FIX - the only health manual you'll ever need:
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    Yoga has been practised for thousands of years but as many people are cynical about trying it as there are huge fans of it.In this episode I share my own experiences and the benefits yoga can confer to our health. Links:Barriers to yoga (Nepalese sudy): effects on brain health: warrior positions: and inflammation: breathing benefits: of benefits and starter guide: courses and learning: and how to prevent it: Ornish and heart disease reversal:
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    This is an argument that rages on in the world of nutrition and medicine. In this episode I look at what food is, what it does to us in terms of our health and the mechanisms behind it and give you my verdict on whether I consider it to be medicine or not.Ultra processed foods - review: benefits: Zones diets: and spices with health benefits: mucinophilia in IBD: Reg cells - what are they?: and their in vitro benefits: all important Aryl hydrocarbon receptor (now a therapeutic target for big pharmaceutical companies): chain fatty acids and heart disease:
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    High blood pressure is the biggest modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which is still the leading cause of death worldwide.It’s often called a silent killer because it has usually has no symptoms.This episode give you the lowdown on high blood pressure (also known as essential hypertension).Links:WHO page: guideline for hypertension: summary of high blood pressure: D and blood pressure in African-Americans: and potassium: carb diets and blood pressure: enriched salt and blood pressure: substitutes: blood pressure: blood pressure matters: - the evidence is mixed, the effects small and it is not a substitute for any medication:
  • 117. Mind Body Medicine - a new and old frontier

    Mind Body Medicine is fascinating but has been poorly understood over the years. I believe it is more important to try to understand better now more than ever as we are surrounded by medically unexplained symptoms and non-communicable symptoms and diseases. In this episode I look at the origins and theories behind it as well as link to the evidence in the show notes.Links:The Holmes-Rahe Stress scale: effectiveness of mind-body medicine (narrative): piece - a new ear of mind body medicine: on Dr Sarno’s work: Body Medicine in Crohn’s Disease: and meditation - effects on stress: emotions and physical health: rate variability and stress: on how writing can help: and heart failure: during COVID-19: HEALTH FIX:
  • 116. Weight loss drugs - are the new blockbuster medicines really a solution for obesity?

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