SAP Concur Conversations


Zoom into SaaS Management for Lower Cost and Compliance with Zylo

Season 3, Ep. 10

Employees are using company funds to buy necessities for work, such as tools, applications, office supplies, and subscriptions. “People feel that they have the ability to pay for something, or to buy something, and they use many different spend channels to do it,” shares Jeanne Dion, Vice President of the Value teams at SAP Concur. It was a growing problem that many organizations felt: “There was a growing and escalating issue around the number of applications and the amount of money that companies were spending on SaaS applications, and so we went out to solve that problem,” said Ben Pippenger, Co-Found of Zylo. The average company spends $65 million annually on SaaS and has an average number of 323 applications - nearly 40% of it going to waste. Join us for this episode as we zoom into SaaS management with Ben Pippenger.

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