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Policy with Purpose: How to Create a Travel Program that Meets Both Employer and Employee Needs with Fox World Travel

Season 4, Ep. 6

As the role of corporate travel managers has evolved from gatekeepers of travel policy to crafters of value-rich, culture-aligned business travel experiences, there is a growing need to shift the mentality around travel policies and programs to meet these new expectations. The “set it and forget it” mentality of years past is not only outdated, but inadequate. Today’s travel policies — and the policies of tomorrow —must be agile, regularly reviewed and adjusted, and created in support of company goals and in alignment with company culture.

In this episode of the SAP Concur Conversations podcast, Ben Claxton, Online Technology Manager for Fox World Travel, and Jeff Saydah, Director of Global Client Solutions for Fox World Travel, share the “secret sauce” for building a world-class travel program (spoiler: your travel program is NOT a rotisserie chicken), detail how to leverage data to inform travel policy and program decisions, break down how to measure the success of your travel policy and program, and discuss how the best programs both shape and are shaped by company culture.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

From Historian to Soothsayer: How CFOs Can Future-Ready Their Organizations in the Age of Complexity

Season 4, Ep. 5
In recent years, the role of financial leaders has evolved from historian to soothsayer, and yet CFOs don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future. Whether it’s optimizing operations and upping productivity or accelerating growth and addressing sustainability, today’s CFOs are being asked to drive enterprise reinvention and navigate an overwhelming number of complex decisions. It’s “to the point where 68% of CFOs are driving three or more enterprise-wide transformation initiatives in parallel,” says Aneel Delawalla, who leads Accenture’s CFO and enterprise value strategy practice. With the increasing weight of large-scale organizational decisions resting on their shoulders, how can CFOs rethink the ways they approach business challenges and productively and proactively guide their organizations through transformation? How should they reassess and reimagine their decision-making to activate change more effectively? And how can they maximize the effectiveness of their strategic decision-making to better navigate today’s fast-paced and complex business environment, and better ready their organizations for the challenges ahead?  In this episode of the SAP Concur Conversations podcast, Aneel Delawalla, Managing Director of Accenture Strategy, CFO & Enterprise Value, and Paul Carr, Accenture’s HXM Ecosystem Lead for Solutions, explore how CFOs can make better, faster, and more strategic decisions that will future-ready their organizations and set the stage for success.