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  • 6. Guess the Film by its First Line

    In this episode, the dynamic duo play a game where Laura puts Grahams knowledge of films to the test. How many films can he guess simply by their first line?
  • 5. XMAS 2022!!

    Welcome to our first ever Christmas episode! In this episode we delve into Christmas's past, present, and future. Join us where we discuss our Christmas traditions, our festive childhood memories, and our hopes and plans for Christmas's to come.
  • 4. Dear Future Baby

    This episode Laura and Graham discuss their hopes and dreams for their unborn son. Traditions they'd like to start, Who they would like him to look like the most, his dreams and hobbies,
  • 3. Laura's Dream Restaurant

    Inspired by a different - more popular - podcast, Graham and Laura sit down to discuss what Laura's ideal meal and restaurant experience would be.
  • 2. Core Memories

    Inspired by a recent watch of the Pixar film Inside Out, your hosts Graham and Laura sit down to discuss what their core memories could be,
  • 1. S2 - Catch Up, Wedding Talk, Honeymoon, BIG REVEAL

    It's been over 2 years but we're back by popular demand!In this episode we ease you back into the madness with a little catch-up on our lives and what we've been up to. SPOILER! there's some BIG surprises!