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  • 4. Ep 14 - Our Heritage, Our Stories with Dr Stefan Ramsden

    On this episode Jonny and Sam are joined by another previous ROYS presenter, Dr Stefan Ramsden. Stef talks to them about his career as a historian and in particular his current role within the Our Heritage, Our Stories project which is a joint collaboration between the Universities of Manchester and Glasgow and the National Archives. The project focusses on making previously unfindable and unlinkable CGDC discoverable within the national collection, while respecting and embracing its complexity and diversity by designing sophisticated automated tools to make it searchable and connected. Revealing and commemorating the previously hidden voices and stories of diverse communities across the UK, this new accessibility will be showcased to the world through a major new public-facing Observatory at TNA where people can access, reuse, and remix this newly integrated content. You can keep up to date with Stef's work by following him on Twitter/X as @Ramblesed.

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  • 3. Ep 13 - The South Blockhouse of Henry VIII and Humber Field Archaeology

    On this episode Jonny and Sam are joined by Peter Connelly, Archaeology Manager at Humber Field Archaeology (HFA), part of the Humber Archaeology Partnership. Discussion covers the history and purpose of developer-funded archaeology in Hull and the surrounding area as well as the excavations and ongoing outreach project of the South Blockhouse in Hull. You can find out more about the project by going to HFA's website and see what upcoming projects and outreach they will be involved in.
  • 2. Ep 12 - Language and Dialect in Early Yorkshire History

    On this episode Jonny and Sam are joined by Sophie Whittle a historical linguist based at the Digital Humanities Institute at Sheffield University and friend of ROYS. Sophie talks about her career and interest in historical linguistics before discussion focusses around the historical development, and modern day parallels, to dialect and language within the county.
  • 1. Ep 11 - Tolkien in East Yorkshire

    On the first episode of the second season of the podcast, Jonny and Sam are joined by Michael Flowers, a local independent Tolkien scholar. Discussion primarily focusses on the author's time in the county, in particular his time recovering at the Brooklands Officers Hospital and up at the Forest of Roos. We also talk about what works he wrote or developed during his time here and whether there is any influence from the region on what he wrote.Michael's research can be found in his essay "Tolkien in East Yorkshire" in the published volume Something Has Gone Crack: New Perspectives on J.R.R. Tolkien in the Great War edited by Janet Brennan Croft & Annika Röttinger.
  • 10. Ep 10 - A Yorkshire Year with Catherine Warr

    On another episode of ROYSCast Jonny and Sam are joined by content creator Catherine Warr. Catherine talks to us about her career, influences and process of producing her videos, including some of her favourite projects. Catherine also chats about her recently published book and the process of collating the sources and writing the book itself. Catherine can be found on Youtube as Catherine Warr and her book "A Yorkshire Year: Folklore, History, Traditions" can be found at the publisher, Carnegie Publishing or other book stores.
  • 9. Ep 9 - Yorkshire's Forgotten Industries with Filmmaker Joshua Daniels

    On this episode of ROYSCast, Jonny and Sam are joined by Joshua Daniels, a heritage filmmaker based in South Yorkshire. Josh talks about his career as a filmmaker and where his interest in history comes from. Josh also discusses some of his recent and upcoming projects on the lesser-known industries of the county.If you attended either ROYS 2022 or 2023 conferences you'll have heard Josh talk about his work and we're delighted to have him back for a podcast episode now.
  • 8. Ep 8 - Mary Taylor: Business Owner, Activist and Author with Jane Tolerton

    On this episode of ROYSCast, Jonny and Sam are joined by Jane Tolerton to talk about the life, career and controversy of Yorkshire-born Mary Taylor alongside new information researched by Jane herself. Jane is a well established journalist, biographer and historian with a number of publications to her name and has been interested in and researching the life of Mary Taylor for some time now. Jane's unique perspective on Mary's life through her own work in operating a business has given her a great deal of insight into some of the inner workings of Mary's story. We were delighted to have Jane appear on the show as it's a long way from her native New Zealand! If you attended this ROYS conference you will have also seen her speak on this topic there, for which we are also very grateful. If you missed this year's conference we are already beginning the planning stages for next year's event, with the possibility of a few smaller events in the meantime so keep your eyes on our new website and social media!