Roundball Rock

Roundball Rock is a comedy podcast about the rumors, hearsay, ins, and yes, outs of NBA basketball. Hosted by comedy writers and NBA junkies Sean Keane and Joey Devine, every week Sean and Joey joke about everything that happened in the world of basketball except what happened in the games, because they are definitely not experts and nothing is more boring than analytics. From episode to episode, Roundball Rock always provides an NBA related surprise, whether it's one of your favorite basketball writers (like Kelly Dwyer, David Roth, Zach Harper), hilarious comedians (like David Gborie, Chris Garcia, Josh Gondelman, Megan Gailey), parodies, long form sketches, or fake ad reads. In a world where NBA podcasts can all sound the same from week to week, Roundball Rock strives to create something unique, smart, dumb, hilarious, and fun, which is exactly what makes us the 88th most popular sports podcast in Senegal. Basketball is fun, and stats are not.