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Starting the Conversation: Breasts, Body, Art & Acceptance

Ep. 80

In today's episode, we speak to Arlene Rush, a conceptual multidisciplinary #artist who works on challenging the theories used to classify art. Arlene’s art exists among ideas of a feminist ideology, political engagement, and a strong sense of identity. Her art expands to sculptural objects, installations, photo-base work and mixed media, challenging conventional boundaries assigned to artists.


Tune in to hear about her inspirations behind her artwork, her thoughts on aging and her advocacies for breast cancer through art.


In this episode, we cover:


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Ancestors and Descendants: Weaving and Sculpting the throughline

Ep. 81
Today we welcome two amazing artists, Alexandra Rutsch-Brock and Traci Johnson. Their artworks will be featured in  Sensing Woman 2022 an upcoming week-long benefit for the Center of Reproductive Rights and Center for Intimacy Justice in Chelsea, New York.Alexandra Rutsch-Brock is an artist, independent curator and educator.Born in Westchester, NY, she received her BFA in Fine Art & Art Education K-12 from the School of Visual Arts, NY and her MS in Studio Art from the College of New Rochelle, NY.She has been teaching at New Rochelle High School since 1991. Her work directly relates to her life experiences. These include relationships, conception, pregnancy, birth, deaths and illness. Traci Johnson was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She specializes in textile design, installation and sculpture. She has shown at numerous galleries including Art Port Kingston , Sweet Lorraine Gallery, Micheal David & Co, Museum at FIT and F.I.T. Art & Design Gallery. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in Fine Arts with a minor in Art History. Her concepts are driven by mental health, art and fashion as therapy subcultures. Johnson creates a healing space for themselves and others within their work, essentially a safe space  In this episode, we cover:Part 1 (Alexandra Rutsch-Brock)Her inspiration behind GGG: Gold Girl GangGrowing up in a feminist householdAlexi’s upcoming pieces and art showsOn experiencing the empty nestingThoughts on sisterhood Students today and social mediaPart 2 (Traci Johnson)Getting to know Traci The process of making the rugsHer Inspirations for her artworkWho is Kailuaa?In honoring her lineageSpiritual relationshipStarting a dialogue on women’s healthHelpful links:Alexandra Rutsch-Brock - Follow her on Instagram @spiralarbTraci Johnson - Follow her on Instagram @kailuaaWe would like to invite you to Sensing Woman 2022, a week-long event that will be held from the 27th of September to the 1st of October at the C24 Gallery in Chelsea, New York City.Find Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108.

A Lifelong Practice: Dancing the 5Rhythms with Lucia Horan

Ep. 79
Join us today as we share a new series we call “Body Joy”, wherein we explore different inspiring stories on movement, sports, and integration. For the first part, our guest Lucia Horan to talk about dance and the fundamentals of the 5Rhythms practice. She received direct training from Gabrielle Roth, founder of the 5Rhythms moving meditation, and has been teaching since 1998. She also has a BA from Goddard College, with a major in expressive art therapy. Today, she leads different focus groups co-teaching with masters in the fields of Buddhist meditation, yoga, trauma, addiction, grief, women’s empowerment, Motion Theater & wild dolphin connection, conservation & education.  Lucia teaches skills and strategies that help her students become better emotional and physical athletes in life.  Her mastery is in the field of somatic meditation and dance.  In this episode, we cover:Suggestions to detox our bodiesHow did Lucia started dancing?On growing up with Gabrielle Roth and learning The 5Rhythms MapsHow much time is needed in this practice?How does Lucia encourage people to start dancing?The different emotions experienced in these rhythmsGestalt therapyHer Workshops with womenWhat is a Moon Lodge? Helpful Links:Lucia  Horan - Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @luciahoran Check out Lucia’s upcoming workshops: 5Rhythms Heartbeat Moon Lodge Spiritual Fertility Full Schedule: Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108. 

Creativity and Life Force with Artist Elisabeth Condon

Ep. 78
Today we have the pleasure of interviewing the very talented and very inspirational Elisabeth Condon! She is known for paintings that overlap natural and built environments. Linking scroll painting with the decorative wallpapers of her childhood home, Elisabeth incorporates landscape motifs in paintings and public artworks. Two of her painting will be featured in the Upcoming Sensing Woman Art Gallery. Listen in as we will learn more about her journey and creativity.In this episode, we cover:Christina Massey’s USPS Art Project #artistsfortheusps #uspsartproject #mailartElisabeth’s featured Artworks for #SensingWoman2022: “Abstraction of the World” and “Wildflower”.#Creativity, #Process, and #Urgency according to ElisabethHow is Elisabeth relating to the #female body now?Landscape and Chinese ArtWhat is #Gender integration?Thoughts on HealthHow are we related to #nature through her artworks?Elisabeth’s current inspirations and worksHelpful Links:Elisabeth Condon - Follow her on Instagram @elisabethcondonRap Priestess Lizzy Jeff on Self Love and Actualization at the Sensing Woman 2022 event.Henry MatisseApsaras – Through The Silk Route To ChinaWe would like to invite you to Sensing Woman. View the complete list of Presenters, Artists, Schedule and Artworks for Sale in Sensing Woman 2022.Find Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108.