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Ep. 22

Welcome to Season 2!

What’s the cost of not being able to relax? What if you could do it, naturally?

If you have trouble tapping into your creativity, arousal, play- you’re not alone.

In this episode we talk about relaxation techniques that work, based on neuroscience, hormone studies and just plain old wisdom and experience. 

Episode Overview: 

If you want to live your best life, it’s helpful to be able to drop in and relax- in this episode we cover six ways to cue your nervous system to stand down, from breathing and specific kinds of relaxing music, to herbs and rituals.

  • Why Relax - 
  • The Science of Safety
  • Breathing tools
  • Sound tools
  • Environmental Cues
  • Topicals and Ingestibles
  • Rhythmic Movements
  • Co-regulation
  • Ritual

Invest a half hour in learning new ways to relax.


Dr. Stephen Porges, Polyvagal Theory

The Nine Gifts

Breath as Medicine

60BPM Playlists

Binaural Beats

Tim Van Diest


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  • 134.2. BONUS MEDITATION - The Flame Within

    This is part of a series of 10 to 15-minute meditations and visualizations, crafted to bring the body mind and spirit into equanimity and alignment, using breath, posture and the poetics of an ensouled world.Discover the transformative power of aligning with your inner flame.Settle into a comfortable position, allowing your spine to align and your breath to deepen. Through visualization and intention, ignite the flame within each chakra, from the grounded stability of your sacral center to the expansive wisdom of your crown. Feel yourself, find clarity and join us in this practice to awaken your true essence.Helpful links:Episode #134: A Lifestyle and Culture of Integration  with Christine Marie Mason and Alicia Sunflower RoseSubscribe to Christine’s Substack Find Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108.Find Radiant Farms on Instagram @weareradiantfarms and on Facebook @RadiantFarmsLLCCheck out these Free E-books brought to you by Radiant FarmsListen, Like, Share & Subscribe on Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Youtube
  • 134. A Lifestyle and Culture of Integration

    In today's episode of The Rose Woman podcast, we invite you to step into the transformative realm of self-discovery and healing. For the first half of the episode, Christine delves into the concept of fragmentation and the importance of integration for personal growth and wholeness. Then, in the second half, Christine interviews Alicia Sunflower Rose, MS, and we learn more about aftercare and integration. She is a Medicine Woman Therapist–part Trauma-Informed psychotherapist of over 10 years, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Facilitator, and Quantum Sound Healer. Alicia Sunflower’s passion lies in supporting people to engage in profound multidimensional work, addressing personal, ancestral, collective, and cultural trauma healing in safe, ethical, integral, and integrative containers. Tune in now to gain more insights and practical guidance for navigating your own journey of integration and self-love.In this episode, we cover:Get to know more about ChristineFragmentation and its various formsThe importance of integration for personal growth and well-beingExploration of fragmentation through personal anecdotesCultivating a culture of integration: practices for digesting experiences and aligning actions with values.The Challenges in IntegrationThe Qualities and Characteristics of Integration: Immediate Aftercare vs. Long-Term IntegrationThe Importance and Planning for Self-CareAlicia’s Healing JourneyCosmic PsychologyHelpful links:Alicia Sunflower - Check out her website and Stay tuned for new offerings coming in the spring including the release of the self-paced version of Integrative Medicine Carriers—a nine-week training course on ethical, trauma-informed care in plant medicine ceremonies. Follow her on @thealiciasunflower on IG and TikTok and Alicia Sunflower Rose on FBAnother Eros by Amelia PerkinsEpisode #102: How are we related: Ecology, Consciousness and Enchantment with Tam HuntEpisode #86: Sacred Rest: Upleveling through Rest with Dr. Saundra Dalton-SmithEpisode #129: Beyond the Narrow Life with Dr. Kile OrtigoBONUS MEDITATION - The Flame WithinFind Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman
  • 133. Silencing the Inner Critic with Neal Allen

    In today's episode, we delve into the intricate realms of the inner critic with our guest, Neil Allen. He is a spiritual coach and writer whose work centers on removing the obstacles of the ego and offering tools for freedom. He is the author of Better Days: Tame Your Inner Critic and  Shapes of Truth: Discover God Inside You. He has written for newspapers, general interest magazines, and literary journals. A former journalist and corporate executive, he earned a master’s degree in Political Science from Columbia University and one in Eastern Classics from St. John’s College. He lives with his wife, the writer Anne Lamott, in Northern California. In this episode, Neil's journey from corporate life to spiritual exploration and his exposure to Eckhart Tolle's teachingsEncounters with influential figures like AdyashantiThe emergence  and personifying his inner critic as a gremlinIntegration of spiritual insights with coaching expertiseThe importance of self-empathyThe intricacies of the inner critic and embracing the journey towards self-acceptanceThe inner critic's role in childhood developmentWorking with clients in clinical practice and the Important steps in taming the inner criticAnxiety as a fear of punishment from the superegoChildhood authoritarian lessons from their motherJoin Neal for a guided exerciseHelpful links:Neal Allen - Join his in-person and Zoom events via Neal on Facebook and InstagramBetter Days: Tame Your Inner CriticWhy I am a misogynist, In Part by Neal AllenEpisode # 130: Being the Love that You Are with Patrick ConnorRajneesh MovementEckhart TolleAdyashantiThe Diamond ApproachFinger’s Pointing to the Moon by OshoSubscribe to Christine’s Substack Find Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman
  • 132. Finding Your Fierce Heart with Spring Washam

    Welcome to the Rose Woman Podcast: Embracing Love and Liberation! Join us on a transformative journey guided by visionary leader Spring Washam, known for her pioneering work in mindfulness-based meditation. As a teacher, healer, and author, Spring shares insights into the interconnectedness of spiritual paths and the power of love as a measure of spiritual maturity. From her unexpected journey into writing about the Dharma of Harriet Tubman to her reflections on practical Buddhism. Are you ready? Listen in now.In this episode, we cover the following:Realization of her spiritual callingOn practicing BuddhismJack Kornfield as a Spiritual MentorThe path of the heart and perfecting loveWhat is Practical Buddhism?Importance of inner work and collective excavation of the shadowRadical Honesty and Self-ResponsibilityThe unexpected journey into teaching The Dharma of Harriet TubmanPlant medicine and its integration with spiritual practice for trauma healingCreating Safe Spaces for HealingEmbodying Love and CommitmentHelpful links:Spring Washam - Author of  “The Spirit of Harriet Tubman: AWAKENING FROM THE UNDERGROUND”. Follow on @springwasham Facebook and Instagram.Rising of a New Sun documentaryRamdass CommunityJack Kornfield - Founder of Insight Meditation Society and Spirit Rock Meditation CenterEpisode #119 Combat, Hitting Bottom and Finding a Way to the LightSubscribe to Christine’s Substack Find Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108.Find Radiant Farms on Instagram @weareradiantfarms and on Facebook @RadiantFarmsLLCCheck out these Free E-books brought to you by Radiant Farms
  • 131. Cultivating and Trusting your Subtle Intelligence with Kathleen Joy

    Welcome to the Rose Woman podcast, today Kathleen Joy, founder of LumiereWork joins us to talk about Subtle Intelligence. With over two decades of experience, Kathleen ignites joy and power in leaders and teams through holistic intelligence. At LumiereWork, she blends consulting, coaching, energy practices, and science to drive sustainable change. In this episode, Kathleen delves into Subtle Intelligence – its unique aspects, cultivation, and impact on leadership. Listen in and get ready to unlock and learn new dimensions of your personal growth.In this episode, we cover:What is Subtle Intelligence and how does it differ from other forms of intelligence? Subtle intelligence in embracing intuition, senses, and energiesWays to open it up and then also how to trust yourself Terms used in Subtle IntelligenceExercises and practices for developing Subtle intelligenceOutcomes of integrating subtle intelligence into business LeadershipOpening up to gather more data and sensing different patternsEnergy sessionsUnderstanding of interconnectedness and empathy on an energetic levelResources in cultivating Subtle IntelligenceHelpful links:Kathleen Joy - Founder of LumiereWork. Check out their Facebook. LinkedIn and Instagram.LumiereWork Programs - Develop multiple intelligences to masteryEmpowerment Amidst ChaosEpisode #48: Rituals for the Empty Nest with Kathleen JoyRobert Anton Wilson quoteFind Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.womanFind Radiant Farms on Instagram @weareradiantfarms and on Facebook @RadiantFarmsLLCListen, Like, Share & Subscribe on Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify
  • 130. Being the Love that You Are with Patrick Connor

    Welcome to another episode of the Rose Woman Podcast. Today, we delve into the remarkable journey of Patrick Connor, a visionary thought leader dedicated to facilitating human evolution and enlightenment. Born and raised in London, England, Patrick's early years were marked by a profound connection to Universal Intelligence and a burning sense of purpose. Patrick's relentless pursuit of wisdom took him on a journey spanning diverse disciplines, from cellular biology to ancient wisdom traditions, ultimately leading to a deep collaboration with advanced adepts in South India. Through his foundation, Sharmadã, Patrick is committed to disseminating universal wisdom for the benefit of humanity. In this episode, listen in as we explore Patrick's insights on the importance of mastering oneself, embracing joy, and shifting perspectives.In this episode, we cover:[00:00:00]: Patrick on the importance of becoming Love[00:00:26]: Introduction to the episode and meeting Patrick for the first time, sharing interests in Indian philosophy and spirituality[00:03:42]: Difference between wisdom and knowledge[00:06:38]: The importance of mastering oneself in service of freedom and listening to the body’s guidance[00:11:18]: The connection between joy and how insights often arise when one is in a state of joy rather than stress[00:15:00]: The concept of the "original bargain"[00:20:38]: The conditioning of limitation and the importance of shifting one's perspective to align with the divine[00:22:23]: The process of removing parentalizing of divinity and opening oneself to divine assistance through prayer, intention, and surrender[00:27:57]: The impact of traditional prayer practices and attitudes of lowliness in seeking clarity[00:31:03]: The hierarchy of piousness and limitations associated with certain spiritual identities[00:33:25]: The importance of humility and receptivity to guidance in spiritual growth[00:36:20]: Thoughts on parenting and avoiding passing on negative experiences to children[00:42:17]: On aging gracefully and finding radiance beyond societal norms[00:48:55]: The importance of self-love, becoming love and inner strength in radiating beauty and positivity[00:51:01]: The dynamics of building a community around spiritual teachings, focusing on openness and inclusivity[00:56:10]: Appreciation for Patrick Connor's teachings [00:57:28]: An invitation to become a blessing field by embodying love and light[01:01:24]: OutroHelpful links:Patrick Connor - Founder of Sharmadã FoundationFind Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.womanListen, Like, Share & Subscribe on Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify
  • 129. Beyond the Narrow Life with Dr. Kile Ortigo

    Let's step into the realm of existential exploration and psychedelic integration as we are joined today by Dr. Kile Ortigo, a clinical psychologist and CIIS-certified psychedelic psychotherapist. With a background in posttraumatic stress, substance use, and sexuality, Dr. Ortigo offers depth-oriented psychotherapy and integration services in Palo Alto and San Francisco through his Center for Existential Exploration. He brings a wealth of experience from training at esteemed institutions like Stanford, UCSF, and Emory-affiliated hospitals, where he directed a national technology-based implementation program for five years at the National Center for PTSD.In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Ortigo serves on the advisory board of Psychedelic.Support and has authored numerous articles and chapters on personality, trauma, sexuality, technology, and psychedelics. He recently published "Beyond the Narrow Life: A Guide for Psychedelic Integration & Existential Exploration," offering a guided journey to explore intersecting themes of mythology, existential concerns, and psychospiritual development.Dr. Ortigo's commitment to public education and professional training is evident through his role on the core training team at CIIS, where he moderates, consults, mentors, and serves as a faculty member for the Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies & Research certificate training program. Listen in and let's dive deep with Dr. Kile Ortigo.In this episode, we cover:Exploring existential questions, psychedelics, and parallels to mythology and the hero's journey.How do new mythologies based on traditions, differ from Western perspectives?The importance of meeting individuals while they are on their journey.Traditional psychology in understanding non-ordinary states of consciousness Evolving landscape of psychology and alternative ways of knowingIntersection with science, spirituality, and consciousness explorationIndividuals seeking therapy, integration, and community supportLegal and ethical challenges in psychedelic therapy and addictionQuestioning societal frameworks and exploring the full spectrum of human experienceImportance of education and research in planning integrationHelpful Links:Kile Ortigo, Phd - Author of Beyond the Narrow Life: A Guide for Psychedelic Integration and Existential ExplorationFollow him on Instagram (@kortigo2020) and Facebook (Kile Ortigo, PhD) Episode #70: Finding Freedom: Tantra Massage, Ice Plunges and Psychedelics with SukkhadasKathi Joy and Subtle IntelligenceRecovery 2.0CIIS CPTR
  • 128. The Eye of the I (with Christine)

    Welcome to The Rose Woman podcast, where we delve into the fascinating intersection of psychology, spirituality, and our connection to the world around us. Join us as we explore diverse perspectives, challenge Western paradigms, and rediscover our interconnectedness with the Earth. Listen in now for an enriching experience that will expand your consciousness and nourish your soul with your host, Christine Mason.In this episode, we cover:The interconnectedness of material reality and individual existence.Society evolving into a diverse narrativeThe evolution of philosophical and psychological views on the self.The diverse perspectives on the self, including Western, indigenous, and spiritual traditions.The impact of language, culture, and history on self-identity through the Western viewDifferent philosopher's studies and beliefsThe importance of understanding oneself within broader ecological and spiritual contexts.Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingVarious traditions are humans' connection to the natural worldEmbracing an ensouled worldview can reshape behaviors and societal structures.Helpful links:Hildegard von BingenRené DescartesSøren KierkegaardFriedrich NietzscheGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelRichard Bandler and John GrinderFind Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108.Find Radiant Farms on Instagram @weareradiantfarms and on Facebook @RadiantFarmsLLCCheck out these Free E-books brought to you by Radiant FarmsListen, Like, Share & Subscribe on Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Youtube
  • 127. Sex and Rhythm: Transcendent Experiences in Intimacy

    Welcome to our special Valentine's Day episode, let’s discover the profound connection between sexual experiences and transcendent states of consciousness, exploring the sexual trance theory and various practices. So grab your partner, cozy up, and let’s explore the wild and wonderful world of love and consciousness.In this episode, we cover:The idea of finding pathways to complete ecstatic blissRelational flow and sensory exploration practicesSexual healing: the significance of relaxation and patience in sexual interactionsThe connection between sexual experiences and transcendent states of consciousnessThe sexual trance theory and exploration of the physiological and psychological changes Importance of relaxation, safety, and ritual in enhancing sexual experiences Different research about altered states of consciousness and sexuality Erotic hypnosis, BDSM practices, and its role in enhancing sexual experiences on the concept of subspaceInsight into Kundalini Tantra and its use of sexual activity as a meditation or spiritual practiceSynesthesia in sexualityHelpful links:Benoit Lachambre Kathi Joy Margot AnandEpisode #73: Bearing Witness Series: Religion and the Feminine Adam Safron Transcendent Sex by Dr. Jenny WadeReverence: Creating Ritual in Modern Life by Christine MasonEpisode #114: Kundalini Tantra for Intimacy, Root ExercisesSong of Myself by Walt WhitmanFind Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108.