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My Little Yoni: Changing the Body Story for Our Girls with Ariel Saint White

Ep. 99

This week on the Rose Woman Podcast, we welcome Ariel Saint White, Founder of My Little Yoni (the world’s first vulva superhero!) Ariel's vision is to break down taboos and give parents & kids quality, body-positive education. Her 10-book sex education series has been featured in Entrepreneur and is lauded by parents as a solution to making ‘the talk’ easier and more approachable.

Whether set on the stage, a wall, the screen, or the page, Ariél’s art focuses on the themes of eros, female sovereignty, and connecting with nature in the technological age.​ So Listen in and learn more about My Little Yoni!

In this episode, we cover:

  • What is Yoni?
  • What we can learn from the Dutch sex education curriculum
  • My Little Yoni’s design explained and the Yoniverse
  • On opening conversations early about sex education
  • Yoni Magic book series
  • Importance of Consent
  • Controversial topics, inclusivity, and  honoring motherhood
  • Projects and Initiatives

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