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I Feel Love: MDMA's new chapter with Rachel Nuwer

Ep. 108

In this episode, we have the pleasure of having Rachel Nuwer, author of "I Feel Love: MDMA and the Quest for Connection in a Fractured World." as a guest. She is an award-winning freelance science journalist and has contributed to prominent publications such as the New York Times, Scientific American, and National Geographic.

During our conversation, we delved into the intriguing aspects of MDMA, exploring its history, varied uses, and the factors that propelled it to become both a therapeutic tool for therapists and a popular recreational drug. 

Tune in to this engaging episode and expand your knowledge of MDMA's fascinating narrative.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Rachel’s passions
  • What is MDMA, its history, and its uses?
  • How did MDMA come to be used by therapists and as a recreational drug?
  • What do you experience when you take MDMA?
  • How do you get into trial?
  • Research in reopening critical periods and learning skills
  • What are the side effects and risks of using MDMA
  • I Feel Love title


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  • 139. Catching up with Christine: MicroPeace, MakeWrong, ProLife

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  • 138. The Eros Sutras with Nicole Daedone

    In this episode of The Rose Woman Podcast, erotic artist and co-founder of OneTaste, Nicole Daedone, joins us to discuss important topics like internalized shame, sexual wellness, and personal transformation. As an expert in Buddhist meditation and sexual wellness, and the author of "The Eros Sutras," Nicole shares her extensive knowledge and experience with us. So Listen in and discover valuable insights that can help you on your journey towards greater self-awareness and intimacy.Nicole Daedone co-founded OneTaste to reawaken the connection with intimacy, with each other, and to the primal source of energy that drives creativity—sexuality. She created a contemplative discipline around Orgasmic Meditation (OM) that offers an immediate experience of what happens when individuals unleash rather than repress who they are. Since then, OneTaste has gathered some of the greatest research psychologists and neuroscientists to study the intersection of sexuality and human potential, conducting the largest study of its kind since Masters and Johnson. OM has perhaps the most powerful effect of any natural process on healing trauma, promoting well-being, and fostering transcendental experiences. Nicole has brought people together and created systems to manifest and ground this vision in observable benefits.In this episode, we cover:Origins of Orgasmic MeditationDevelopment of OMFeminine Transmission and LanguageOn Writing "The Ero Sutras" manifestoWhat does “Eros” mean?Tumescence and Creative FlowVajra PrideThoughts on desire for further evolution and perfectionThe transformative power of acceptance and self-loveFulfillment Beyond ExpectationsSocietal Conditioning Around Female DesireTrue Desire vs. CravingContributing to SocietyBreaking Free from VictimhoodOn Recognizing Projection in the realm of sexuality and authenticityTrust in Personal ExperienceThe War on SexAI algorithms reflecting societal biases and CensorshipCancel Culture, Resilience and Deep ListeningHelpful links:Nicole Daedone - Author of The Eros SutrasCheck out her latest programs and projects here. The Eros Platform on YoutubeFind Nicole at Instagram Unconditional Freedom: Free Food programSuzuki RoshiEdward BrownBuddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom by Dr. Rick Hanson
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    After being rescued by a Tsonga medicine woman from a life-threatening encounter with a pride of lions in 1991, Linda Tucker gave up a career in international marketing to become a conservationist.Since this time, she has dedicated her life to the urgent protection of the critically endangered White Lions, venerated as the King of Kings by African elders. Despite their rarity and cultural importance, the White Lions have no protected status and may be trophy hunted in the wild and in captivity.To ensure the survival of this legendary animal, Linda Tucker has raised millions of dollars in a long-term strategy to secure large tracks of protected wilderness territory in the heart of the White Lions’ ancestral heritage lands, in the epic-centre of UNESCO’s Kruger-to-Canyons Biosphere, one of the last viable lion ranges on the planet.In this episode, we cover:Linda Tucker's pivotal moment in the African wilderness in 1991The transformation from a life of consumerismThe Mission to Save White LionsThe establishment of the Global White Lion Protection Trust in 2001The spiritual and ecological importance of the white lionsThe Aquarius AgeNorth American Tour and ProgramsBooks by Linda TuckerPhilosophy and ApproachHelpful links:Linda Tucker - Founder of Global White Lion Protection TrustTickets for Malibu Benefit 5/29/24Linda Tucker on Amazon:The Mystery of the White LionsSaving the White LionsLionhearted Leadership: The 13 LawsSummoned by the Earth with Cynthia JursSubscribe to Christine’s Substack Find Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman
  • 136. Summoned by the Earth with Cynthia Jurs

    In this episode, Christine delves into the profound intersection of eco-spirituality and personal healing. She introduces Cynthia Jurs’s new book, Summoned by the Earth: Becoming a Holy Vessel for Healing Our World, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the material world and spirituality, and the need to heal the divide between them. The episode centers on Cynthia's journey, her eco-spiritual practice, and the transformative power of connecting deeply with nature.Cynthia Jurs is a dharma teacher and author of Summoned by the Earth: Becoming a Holy Vessel for Healing Our World. Cynthia Jurs became a dharma teacher (Dharmacharya) in the Order of Interbeing of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in 1994 and in 2018, was made an honorary lama in the Vajrayana tradition of Tibetan Buddhism in recognition of her dedication in carrying out the Earth Treasure Vase practice. Inspired by thirty years of pilgrimage into diverse communities and ecosystems, today Cynthia is forging a new path of dharma in service to Gaia—a path deeply rooted in the feminine, honoring indigenous cultures, and devoted to collective awakening. Cynthia leads meditations, retreats, courses, and pilgrimages to support the emergence of a global community of engaged and embodied sacred activists. In this episode, we cover:The Practice of Earth Treasure VasesThe Ceremony and its Global ImpactExperience in Democratic Republic of CongoSelecting of Vase Locations and forming Global MandalaNuclear GuardianshipEvolution of Cynthia’s Spiritual Path with Tibetan BuddhismGaia as the Greatest TeacherCommunity and HealingNo Judgment PrincipleMother Earth as RefugeEmerging Gaian SpiritualityReflection on Religious Structures and PracticesReclaiming Gaia’s OracleHealing the Feminine and Sexual WoundingRole of Women in Activism and PeaceCollective Awakening and Community-Based EnlightenmentHelpful links:Cynthia Jurs - For more updates follow her on Instagram at @cynthiajursGuru Rinpoche or PadmasambhavaHero Women RisingJoanna MacyDavid AbramsThich Nhat HanhSundari GardensChup: Breaking the Silence About India's WomenWhere do we go nowSophie StrandCharles EisensteinGayatri Mantra
  • 135. Telling the Beautiful Truth with Physicist Jessica Wade

    Here in The Rose Woman Podcast, we explore different themes of liberation in various forms. Today, we are focusing on the liberation found in celebrating the achievements of women scientists and scientists of color through storytelling. Our guest, Dr. Jessica Wade, is a Royal Society University Research Fellow, physicist, and lecturer in Functional Materials at Imperial College London.Her research considers new materials for optoelectronic, spintronic, and quantum devices, with a focus on chiral molecular materials.She was previously an Imperial College Research Fellow in SPIN-Lab at Imperial, which is led by Professor Sandrine Heutz. She worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the Fuchter and Campbell groups at Imperial College London, where she optimized these chiral systems to absorb/emit circularly polarized (CP) light for CP OLEDs and OPDs. For her PhD, Jess concentrated on organic photovoltaics and the development of advanced characterization techniques to better understand molecular packing under the supervision of Dr. Ji-Seon Kim.She is involved with several science communication and outreach initiatives, committed to improving diversity in science, both online and offline. Since the start of 2018, she has written thousands of Wikipedia biographies highlighting women scientists' achievements.In this episode, we cover:Jessica’s Journey into PhysicsAdvocacy for Diversifying AcademiaRecognizing and the Impact of Unconscious Bias Algorithm in Recruitment ProcessingThoughts on Today’s Education SystemsInitiative to write Wikipedia biographies for women scientistsThe Power of ImagesAddressing the lack of diversity in Academic ScienceCareer pathways of scientistsPioneer women scientists and their contributions Jessica’s Research on chiral molecules and its applicationsIntegration of Science and Art as a wholeHelpful links:Dr. Jessica Wade - Physicist in the Blackett Laboratory at Imperial College London. Follow her on TwitterKarin KimbroughRosalind FranklinDorothy HodgkinJune LindseyWilliam BraggQuantum day at Imperial CollegeNano: The Spectacular Science of the Very (Very) Small by Jessica WadeUpcoming Events with ChristineSubscribe to Christine’s Substack 
  • (Bonus) Seated Meditation: Tauroid of Light with Christine Marie Mason

    This is part of a series of 10 to 15-minute meditations and visualizations, crafted to bring the body mind and spirit into equanimity and alignment, using breath, posture and the poetics of an ensouled world.Through visualization and intention, relax, connect your body and receive the Tauroid of LightHelpful links:Seated Meditation: Enlighten with Christine Marie MasonReclining Meditation: Surrender into Earth with Christine Marie MasonSeated Meditation: Elevate with Christine Marie MasonSubscribe to The Museletter (Christine’s Substack)Find Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108.Find Radiant Farms on Instagram @weareradiantfarms and on Facebook @RadiantFarmsLLCCheck out these Free E-books brought to you by Radiant FarmsListen, Like, Share & Subscribe on Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Youtube