Romancing the Dungeon

A softcore DnD Podcast about looking for love...

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  • Ep. 00 - Gang with a Bang

    Before our heroes/lovers set their hearts aflame, get to know Thane, Fia, Nate and Hephaesta through their D8 dating profiles...Follow us on instagram and twitter for some behind the scenes photos and stuff @D8Dungeon.

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  • 1. Ep. 01 - Sex, Drugs and the Prancing Mule

    Thane, Fia, Nate and Hephaesta meet up in the sleepy or not so sleepy village of Errb...destiny awaits...but before that...drinks! Follow us on @D8Dungeon over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for some behind the scenes photos and stuff.
  • 2. Ep. 02 - To Love is Divine...and Messy!

    Father Sopps asks a terrible favour of our heroes Thane, Fia, Hephaesta and isn't easy and neither is late night vandalism! Come out with us - you'll find us everywhere on @D8Dungeon
  • 3. Ep. 03 - Greasy Little Peanut

    A 'Smash n Grab' job has turned into something far bigger than the gang anticipated and in search for answers they return to the village of Errb but will Nate's wandering eye land the team in even more trouble? Come hang out with us, on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram @D8Dungeon
  • 4. Ep. 04 - Puppy Love

    Weddings; a time to catch up with old friends, celebrate the wonders of love and apparently according to Nate, to run for your life and freedom through the woods! Just who is this bride? What do Nana, Sykes and Rash want with her? Find out in episode 4 now.
  • 5. Ep 05. - My Wiiiiiffffffe

    Is it true love or just a love for the finer things? Whatever it is Nate needs to find his  new wife and the hunt for Eugenia begins assisted by his new friends Thane, Fia and Hephaesta but all is not as it seems and love has a few tricks up their sleeve... Follow us online @D8Dungeon
  • 6. Ep 06. - Love Potion No. 69

    Determined or desperate? The gang are on the hunt for Eugenia when Hephaesta receives both a strange warning and a perilous task from her enigmatic(and gorgeous) patron, Eve Ville... just who is behind the Convent of Devotion and Purity?!