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Season 10, Ep. 23

I know I said that Season 10 had come to an end after 22 episodes but when opportunity strikes it’s best to grasp it with both hands. Besides, episode 23 also has a nice, mystic ring to it.  My guest today is the single biggest influence on this podcast, a huge inspiration to me as a gamer and Game Master, and just about the best source of roleplaying wisdom I have come across on the internet. When he suggested he’d be open to doing an interview, well, I was thrilled. How could I say no?

Justin Alexander is a freelance writer and the author of the grand repository of ideas that is The 

His published works include more than 200 books, articles, and reviews including gaming supplements published by Modiphius Entertainment, Fantasy Flight Games, Dream Pod 9, Atlas Games, Troll Lord Games, and Dream Machine Productions. Justin is also the host of his own Youtube channels entitled Advanced Gamemastery, Quick GM Tips, and - of particular interest to me in recent weeks - his “Let’s Read 1974 D&D”. Hailing from Minneapolis, USA, Justin is also an actor and playwright. And it’s a very great honour for me to have him on Roleplay Rescue.

Big thanks to Justin for coming to talk to us!

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