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Utilising VAT in Property Investment & Development - Jane Deeks

Ep. 44

When investing and developing real estate of any kind, it is crucial to consider VAT.

VAT can make significant differences to your net returns which is why we need to be educated and knowledgeable about it.

In this episode, Jane Deeks, a VAT specialist from Bell Howley shares her expertise on VAT, its downside and even benefits. Jane will also share the benefits of VAT groups for specific property related activities and goes into detail using case studies of where property investment and development businesses have structured their activities to benefit from VAT.

Key Takeaways: 

01:00 Reasons for joining VAT group/ Who  qualifies?/ Is it good to consider VAT groups? Why is it useful for property development?

04:22 VAT Exempt Supply and Zero Rated Supply and where it applies

05:27 General rules of VAT

06:43 De minimis rules/ Limit in VAT

07:20 Buying property and putting it into vatable business

08:42 Properties to consider that have VAT opportunities

10:00 Partial exemptions calculations and threshold

14:00 Purchasing a new site with Zero VAT supply

19:30 Converting commercial buildings to residential 

22:00 VAT on Commercial Properties

43:59 Ten year zero VAT rating for residential properties

44:09 Reclaimed VAT


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