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Navigating the Last 5 Years in Property

Ep. 100

In the last 5 years we have had Covid, Trussonomics, Market volatility, been paid to stay home, inflation and the fastest increases in mortgage rates for 100 years.

So it was an absolute pleasure to have the first ever Rodcast guest back on the show to celebrate our 100th episode and hear how his fantastic property business has navigated the difficult environment.

If you haven't heard the first episode then do go back and listen. (The sound quality is not good but the content of what Jason Tracey from discusses is brilliant)

In this episode we hear how Jason's company Bmor, a specialist regeneration developer and investor with a €1bn portfolio of complex, mixed-use, regeneration & restoration projects operate.

At heart they are bed specialists in that they focus on;


Build to Rent

Social Housing


Purpose Built Student Accommodation


but more importantly the reasoning they use when they jump into each of these sectors.

This one is really a belter of an episode it is both inspirational and full of fantastic tips for any property business.

Thanks again to our sponsors for making the episode possible. They provide fantastic rates in Bridging & Development loans, commercial mortgages and also Buy to Let products

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  • 105. Senior Assisted Living - Honor Barratt

    If you are interested in Supported living, Impact Investment, Private Equity, Operational Efficiencies, EBITDA, ESG, Housing Crisis then you are in for a treat.I was joined by Honor Barratt the Managing Director of Birchgrove, a Senior Assisted Living operator that is funded by Impact Fund, Bridges discuss;Honor's background in business and how she became the Managing Director of Birchgrove.Coping with changes when your business is bought by Private Equity.Upskilling through business programmes such as Harvard.Transferable skills from a Creative industry.The scale of the retirement living problem in the UK.When people should look to downsize.Renting in later life.How the housing market is affected by the older population.How the senior living market in the UK compares with other countries.Why does it take us so long to create buildings in the UK.The biggest challenges Birchgrove faces.Market and Investors concerns over the supported living industry.Where the money is currently coming from that is investing in UK Senior Living.Measuring Impact.Delivering EBITDA with impact.How ESG and EBITDA are not mutually exclusive.The biggest challenges with scaling a business where there is an absence of comparables.The demographics of the industry and why this sector looks rosey.Identifying the problem with insight.How the cost of finance affects the business as well as impact.The realities of paying for care.Having a sense of purpose and how that really supercharges things.Ghetto-ising certain communities and how sometimes some communities want it.How impactful gestures can be.And Lots more.Thanks again to our sponsors 978 Finance property management software
  • 104. Commercial Property Investment - Jo Seth Smith

    Jo Seth-Smith is the Investment Manager at Olim Property an FCA regulated property investment manager of UK commercial property portfolios, whose Funds Under Management total is approximately £1 billion with individual discretionary mandates for pension funds, investment trusts and Oxford colleges.Jo has a heap of experience in Commercial Property Investment starting her career at JLL, La Salle Investment Manager and then moving on to for part of the team that created Acuitus Commercial Property Auctions before joining Olim Property.In this discussion Jo and I discuss;How Jo came to be involved in the investment side of Commercial Real Estate.Different types of sellers and buyers at commercial property auctions and differences in approaches between institutional investors vs private sector investors.Why institutional investors decide to sell at auction.How the structure of a typical institutional real estate portfolio has changed over time.As an investment manager how does the clients needs dictate the sectors that you look to invest in.Where her focus in terms of asset types has changed over the past few years.The importance of not just reducing risk for clients but also reducing costs.Valuations when transactional evidence is low and how that can affect decisions to sell.Theory vs experience.The delay between cause and effect on asset prices happening in the market.Cost of living crisis effects on covenant strength of occupiers of commercial property.Difficulties in forecasting future rents.Difficulties in achieving historical yields in certain asset classes.How ESG factors into Jo's decision making when making investments and how that has changed over time.Policy and Government changes and their effects on investments.ESG and box ticking.Advice to people looking to get into the industry.And lots more...Thanks again to our sponsors who provide fantastic property management software and 978 Property finance who provide finance for all property dealsIf you enjoyed the episode please be sure to follow on whichever platform you listen or view on. Reviews are always welcome.
  • 103. Investment Mastermind Q2 2024

    Our Quarterly Investment Mastermind with Manish Kataria and Adam Lawrence kicked off with a brief discussion on the performance of some of our previous investment picks and the current investment environment.We then got onto our picks for this quarter.If you haven't listened to one of these mastermind episodes before the premise is we each pick a stock, bond, ETF, REIT etc that we feel is good to invest in now and give the reasons why. The others then are given a chance to critique.Manish chose an ETF that tracks the Russel 2000 ticker IWM went with an ETF that tracks the FTSE 250 with ticker VMID Adam chose Dimensional Fund advisors uk value fund also came in with a bonus pick of the stock BP find out the reasoning and critiques behind these investment picks please listen to the episode.Please don't forget to like and subscribe/ follow the RodcastTHIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE
  • 102. When Business Goes Wrong - Richard Nicholls

    In this episode I am joined by Richard Nicholls who has a fantastic knowledge and track record in the sales market of HMO properties. We also discuss the HMO market and what HMO owners can do to maximise sale values. Selling portfolio's and large HMO to funds and what they may be looking for.However in this episode we discuss another property related business that Richard had several years ago that had disastrous outcomes for his clients, him and his family.This is a candid discussion about what mistakes Richard made in business, what went wrong and what we can all learn and apply in our own businesses to ensure we minimise these things happening.We discuss warning signs for both clients and Richard acting as main contractor. We look at it from both clients perspective and what you should be looking for in a contractor as well as from a contractors point of view.As always thanks to our sponsors who provide me with fantastic finance for property investments and developments and whose software is invaluable in managing my portfolio.Please don't forget to like and subscribe to our podcast.If you. prefer to watch the episode please subscribe, like and watch our youtube channel
  • 101. The Politics of Planning

    In this episode I am joined by Planning Consultant Lorenzo Pandolfi from to talk about the current state of the UK's Planning System.We discuss;His career and how an Italian town planner came to be in London.How Morale, Money and perspective are causing issues in the planning system.What is causing the issues with staffing in planning departments.How "Public Practice" can help the planning system.The public sectors PR departmentLife on the front line in Local Authority Planning Departments mistakes made when submitting planning applications.Where does planning really sit in the agenda for the political parties.Permitted Development.How important soft skills are when trying to get an application granted.Useful resources for Planning specialists and developers (see below) always a big thank you to for sponsoring the episode. Please contact for all of your finance needs.Please share this episode if you enjoyed it and don't forget to follow on your podcast platform or on youtube and we would love a review.
  • 99. Realities of Being a Property Developer

    I was delighted to welcome back Paul Higgs to the Rodcast.Paul was last on the Rodcast in 2020 on episode 15. If you have not listened to it please give it some of your time as it discusses Paul's amazing career from being Head of Land at Barratt Homes (The UK's biggest House builder) to his own business. this episode we discuss the difficulties of being a Property Developer in the UK and how to navigate the volatile industry including;How Paul was able to win at appeal where others had failed on a complex Greenbelt site.The realities of what the Green Belt is and what the government is doing to enable or discourage development on it.Biophilic design and why it is important.Common mistakes developers make.Managing expectations of timeframes on development deals.How the current planning system is affecting the building of new homes in the UK.As always thanks to our sponsors at for making this episode possible. Please contact them for any property financing needs.
  • 98. Purpose Built Single Family Rentals

    Richard Berridge CEO of the UK Single-Family Association SFA has over 40 years experience in UK Residential Real Estate. We had a brilliant conversation centred on Richards passion for rental Houses We discussed;Richards Career and how he came to be CEO of UKSFAThe history of Build to Rent (BTR) in the UK.The current make up of BTR in the UKWho have been investing in BTR in the past and how is that changing.How the UK compares to other markets in terms of BTR and single family rental homes.The benefits of Single Family rentals for tenants and wider communities.Why institutional money have generally stayed on the sidelines when it comes to UK residential property and if this is changing.This is a must listen for anyone growing a residential portfolio in the uk.Thank you to our sponsors for making this episode possible.Don't forget you can watch this episode as well as other Rodcast episodes on our youtube channel't forget to subscribe
  • 97. JV Mistakes, Due Dilligence, M & A

    Adam Lawrence joins me in this episode to discuss Joint Ventures and the mistakes people make as well as due diligence and some info on M&A in SME property businesses.We will go into much more detail at our live workshop in London on 24th April. More info here we cover in this episode are;Joint VenturesWhat do you want from a business partner. Where do you need to be aligned and where does it help to be different.What happens in the event of a dispute. What are typical traps business partners fall into.How can shares and what is included in Articles of Association mitigate issues.The difference between Articles of Association and a Shareholders agreement and why you may use one over the other.Why do people tend to fall into these traps when going into a business together.Some examples of what can go wrong and what to include in an agreement to mitigate the chances of that.Ensuring everyone knows where they stand in the event a dispute takes place and the mechanism that will be used to come to a decision.Key person issues.What to do if you are already in business and do not have these things in place.Utilising Trigger Events.Due Diligence on partners.How to work out if a person or company will be a good custodian of your capital.Return of Investment before Return on Investment.Evidencing what people say.Why accounts matter. Ways of dissolving companies.Online and offline due diligence.Secured and unsecured debt and how to look at both and the real leverage someone or a company is really under pressure from.Subordination and order of priorities.How do you underwrite a deal as well as a person/organisation.How to manage expectations when lending.Mergers & Acquisitions on SME property Businesses.Benefits of buying a company holding assets rather than the just the properties... It is not just Stamp duty.Negotiation points from both the buyer and seller.We will be going into far more detail on these topics at a live workshop event on 24th April in London. You can get more details for the event as well as buy tickets