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Gavin J Gallagher - Big Trends Driving the Office Market

Ep. 19

Gavin has a fascinating Business and the story behind East Point, his business park in Dublin is truly brilliant.

East Point is home to a vibrant mix of indigenous Irish, multinational and Fortune 500 companies. Set in 40 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens with waterfront walks, café’s, crèche, outdoor gourmet food market, sports facilities and over 50 office blocks.

To create this site is a fantastic achievement but to do this on a site that, when they purchased, was being used as landfill is amazing!

In this episode recorded on 7th March 2020 we discuss;

How he was thrown into the family business.

Turning a parcel of land used as a dump into a huge business park that has almost 10,000 visitors per day and some of the challenges they had to overcome.

Attracting and keeping Today's Blue Chip tech businesses as tenants.

How Environmental, Social and Green policies have shaped his tenants needs and also his business model.

The struggles in developing a site that runs as its own Eco system.

Challenges in managing business park of this size

and a whole lot more

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Property News Update with Alicia Barlow 06/03/23

Ep. 76
This is the first of our series on Property News Updates which we will be bringing you every fortnight.In this episode I am joined by Alicia Barlow who helps me to digest the big property news stories as well as deliver our opinions on them.We discuss;The most expensive residential property in Britain that has gone on the market for offers in excess of £250 Million.The latest report from Carbon Laces on EPC's vs the actual Energy usage of the 17,000 homes they researched. They found that on average EPCs overestimate Energy usage by 91% compared to actual usage which begs the question do we actually need to bring properties up to a C on EPC's and are EPC's fit for purpose?Home REIT - Two of their largest tenants have gone into voluntary liquidation, Several other tenants are taking them to court and withholding rent and they were last trading at almost 70% below their Net Asset Value.Mortgage Prisoners from prior to lending criteria changing. What does the new report funded by Money saving Expert say Landlords are selling up? Why there is a net reduction in available dwellings when stock transfers from the private rental sector to owner-occupation. How this will affect the rest of the market as well as the public's perception of the Private Rental Sector?For more information about the Partners in Property Network meetings mentioned please visit you are interested in the 7 day Property Business Retreat please contact me always a huge thanks to our sponsors