Rocket Fuel: Youth Marketing


Screen Time and Technology: Finding the Balance (Becca Caddy, Tech Journalist & Author)

Season 3, Ep. 11

Becca Caddy is a technology and science journalist, and author of the book ‘Screen Time: How to make peace with your devices and find your techquilibrium.’

If lockdown has taught us one thing it’s that, for many of us, our relationships with screens are more essential to our daily lives than our relationships with our friends and family. Online, the topic of technology is polarising. We either hear from tech evangelicals or the tech reluctant; those guilt-ridden by how much of their daily line of sight centres around a screen. To cut through the drama and hyperbole, we invited Becca Caddy onto the podcast, a tech enthusiast and writer, aiming to help us live harmoniously with technology, rather than be consumed by it.

Once but a local paper writer, two degrees later, and an eclectic catalogue of copywriting gigs here and column writing there, Becca Caddy is now a freelance technology writer, journalist, and author. Join us this week as she chats through her new book, her career, and the future of technology.

This is Becca Caddy’s Rocket Fuel.

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Welcome back to Rocket Fuel!This week James sits down with Rachel Beech. She and James go way back and catch up with Rachel's newest and best venture yet... We Are Fetch. An amazing app and network system revolutionising the way we all do the school run and more.We talk to her about where she got started and why being a tech head helped her get ahead of the game and why working with todays younger humans is rewarding in multiple ways.We also discuss We Are Fetch, why was it needed, how it works and ways its being used right now to make not only the school run and play dates easier to organise for parents and schools but also that more important part safer.And then we ramble around the topic of parents as an audience to brands and how some but not all may not be reaching the full potential of a youth audience by just talking to the ones with the money. And then we move on to our headlining question of Rachel's Rocket Fuel where she has some amazing advice.We will be back fortnightly (that’s every 2 weeks) on Thursdays. We can’t wait for you to listen in.———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( Rachel on Twitter ( Rachel on Instagram ( Rachel on LinkedIn ( Hosted on Acast. See for more information.