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Rocket Fuel: Youth Marketing

Screen Time and Technology: Finding the Balance (Becca Caddy, Tech Journalist & Author)

Season 3, Ep. 11

Becca Caddy is a technology and science journalist, and author of the book ‘Screen Time: How to make peace with your devices and find your techquilibrium.’

If lockdown has taught us one thing it’s that, for many of us, our relationships with screens are more essential to our daily lives than our relationships with our friends and family. Online, the topic of technology is polarising. We either hear from tech evangelicals or the tech reluctant; those guilt-ridden by how much of their daily line of sight centres around a screen. To cut through the drama and hyperbole, we invited Becca Caddy onto the podcast, a tech enthusiast and writer, aiming to help us live harmoniously with technology, rather than be consumed by it.

Once but a local paper writer, two degrees later, and an eclectic catalogue of copywriting gigs here and column writing there, Becca Caddy is now a freelance technology writer, journalist, and author. Join us this week as she chats through her new book, her career, and the future of technology.

This is Becca Caddy’s Rocket Fuel.

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  • 6. Reisa Schwartzman on STEM, Play, and The Importance Fun Education

    On this penultimate (I know so sad) episode for this season of rocket fuel we chat with the Chief Fun Officer over at Griddly Kids… Yes that is their official title! James chats all things Griddly… who are they… where did they come from and why they think its so important to have education be fun for children! They also chat about STEM and how implementing activities in the category of can help children have a head start on learning with out realising that they are. Then we talk Reisa’s all important rocket fuel! ———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( James on LinkedIn ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( Reisa on Linkedin ( Check out Griddly Kids at on Acast. See for more information.
  • 5. Uju Asika on Children's Books for a Better world and Parenting Content of Today!

    Uju Asika is a writer, blogger and creative consultant. She is the author of Raising Boys Who Do Better: A Hopeful Guide for a New Generation (DK/Penguin Random House), Bringing Up Race: How to Raise a Kind Child in a Prejudiced World (Yellow Kite/Hachette UK) and the delightful picture book A World for Me and You, illustrated by Jennie Poh (Hachette Children's Group). She is also our latest guest on the rocket fuel podcast! James and Uju chat all things kids, parents, parenting and all things needed for being a modern parent content creator. We also chat the landscape of responsible content and her journey into being a successful author. Then talk about raising children and if dads are as good as mums or are they just a bit pants and why? Then we hear Uju give us their all important rocket fuel!———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( James on LinkedIn ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( Uju @babesabouttown ('s books are available at, Amazon, Waterstones and other good bookshops.Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  • 4. Nathaniel Hunter on AI, The Future of Interactive Play in Family and How Technology will Benefit the Next Generation

    Nathaniel Hunter is someone who is taking play into the future. His company D1srupt1ve (no the 1’s are supposed to be there) partnered up with the toy giants Mego to bring back a classic some of our listeners may recognise. The 2-XL robot. It has had many forms over the years but this time its pushing the world just a little bit further with the thanks to AI. We talk with Nathaniel about AI ethics and the future of it. How it works in a family setting to improve mental health in a semi-screen free way to blend in to every part of a day from brushing your teeth to telling a joke. We talk about Mego and its history of pushing out innovative toys and always betting on the future of play. 2-XL even chimes in to have a chat with James as they go on a little adventure and James tries to see what the limits are… all in the name of research and children's safety. Then Nathaniel gives us their rocket fuel for todays episode.———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( James on LinkedIn ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( Nathaniel on Linkedin ( on Acast. See for more information.
  • 3. The Toy Fair 2024, Precise TV, Casdon, Craft Buddy, Xootz

    We are on location! Yes how exciting we were at one of the most interesting events in the calendar year The Toy Fair in London. We went along and were very kindly guests of the kind people at Precise TV and we got chatting with them about what they do and how they help their clients reach audiences more effectively in a growing digital world. We then hit the floor and met up with Casdon the people behind your child's favourite real world role play activity be it Henry Vacuums, Dyson, DeLonghi espresso machines all made for children to learn about the world around them via play. We also met up with Craft Buddy a brand that is getting kids off screens and making art instead... more specifically crystal art and we learn about how they are talking to children today. Then in our final section of this incredibly special episode we talk with Xootz who are the people behind the kids getting out and about on all kinds of ride on toys from skateboards, scooters, electric vehicles and more and they along with all our other guests this episode of course give us their incredible insights and more importantly their rocket fuels!———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( James on LinkedIn ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( out Precise TV out Casdon out Craft Buddy out Xootz on Acast. See for more information.
  • 2. Annie McCosker and Izzie Fernandes on Gen Z Entrepreneurs, Community Organisations and Youth Voices in Culture

    Annie McCosker and Izzie Fernandes from the Community Youth Organisation FLAARE talk with James this week about how brands can connect with Gen Z audiences by including their voices to influence not just the marketing but the products and even the brands its self. How their Community Youth Organisation is making the entrepreneurs of the future where the talented young individuals can start creating their next business today. And then they also chatted about how brand and business can get involved with their Organisation and start making a difference to youth culture and being 1 step ahead of their competition by doing so. At the end we then hear Annie and Izzie give us their individual rocket fuel to show how well they work together———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( James on LinkedIn ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( Annie on Linkedin ( Izzie on Linkedin ( on Acast. See for more information.
  • 1. Harriet McCulley on Authenticity, Student Demographics and Gen Z Trends

    In this new season and latest episode of Rocket Fuel, B2B Marketing Manager at Student Beans, Harriet McCulley, shares insights into her professional journey, the dynamics of marketing to the Gen Z audience, and the importance of authentic brand communication. Harriet discusses her transition from journalism to digital marketing, her drive to become a T-shaped marketer, and her entrepreneurial endeavors. Speaking about her role at Student Beans, she highlights the emphasis on events marketing, social media, and a demand-generation approach. Harriet shines a light on important Gen Z trends like inclusivity, sustainability, and the desire for real-life experiences, highlighting the need for brands to stay authentic and relevant to the changing student demographic. Then for the 1st time this season we hear a rocket fuel by Harriet.Bad Pepsi advert mentioned———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( James on LinkedIn ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( Harriet on LinkedIn ( on Acast. See for more information.
  • 8. Print Media For Youth Audience (Richard Clare)

    This week James talks to Richard Clare from Immediate Media and more specifically all the LEGO Magazines & MEGA where he is the editorWe take a deep dive into who is and why he LOVES magazines getting into the nitty gritty of how the magazine has developed and why somethings make look familiar to an older audience of the original MATCH magazine. We talk about how in a digital age what will the future of magazine be? Can they keep up? Is there a universal positive of magazines over screen time? And most importantly what is gonna happen to the gifts? Then we chitchat around his Rocket Fuel his one bit of advice he thinks he can offer to the wider world of youth marketing and also why he wants more farts in magazines.This is the last episode of season 4 of Rocket Fuel. We will be back soon for season 5 and as normal better than ever. Thanks for all your support this season!———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( Richard on Twitter ( Richard on Instagram ( Richard on LinkedIn ( on Acast. See for more information.
  • 7. Traditional Media vs New Media (Jamie East)

    A small word of warning this episode has some quite frank language and the occasional word bomb may be dropped.This week James talks to Jamie East the presenter, broadcaster, punk singer and journalist. Who paved his way almost accidentally by being someone who was willing to look at what was there and tell them where they needed to go.We take a deep dive into who is Jamie East and what makes him tick. We talk about the days Big Brother's Bit On The Side and what was Holy Moly and how did it create its place in a world where others were stuck in more "old media" tendencies. We also have a rather frank conversation about influencers and how they compare to celebrities past.We chitchat around Jamie's podcast Smart 7 and why he decided to go full into podcasting over We will be back fortnightly (that’s every 2 weeks) on Thursdays. We can’t wait for you to listen in.———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( Jamie on Twitter ( Jamie on Instagram ( Jamie on LinkedIn ( on Acast. See for more information.
  • 6. Using Tech To Transform The School Run (Rachel Beech)

    Welcome back to Rocket Fuel!This week James sits down with Rachel Beech. She and James go way back and catch up with Rachel's newest and best venture yet... We Are Fetch. An amazing app and network system revolutionising the way we all do the school run and more.We talk to her about where she got started and why being a tech head helped her get ahead of the game and why working with todays younger humans is rewarding in multiple ways.We also discuss We Are Fetch, why was it needed, how it works and ways its being used right now to make not only the school run and play dates easier to organise for parents and schools but also that more important part safer.And then we ramble around the topic of parents as an audience to brands and how some but not all may not be reaching the full potential of a youth audience by just talking to the ones with the money. And then we move on to our headlining question of Rachel's Rocket Fuel where she has some amazing advice.We will be back fortnightly (that’s every 2 weeks) on Thursdays. We can’t wait for you to listen in.———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( Rachel on Twitter ( Rachel on Instagram ( Rachel on LinkedIn ( Hosted on Acast. See for more information.