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Rock Dudes #03 – AnR (Gäst: David Mortimore-Hawkins) – (Swe)

Ep. 3

Tredje avsnittet av Rock Dudes. Gäst: David Mortimore-Hawkins. Avsnittet handlar om AnR.

Host: Jonas Lööw Sidekick: Ömer Akay Plats: Despotz Records, Stockholm Publicerat: 2014-11-28 Producent: Elina Lööw Inspelning & Mixning: Jonas Lööw


DAVID (5):

Psycore – I go solo (Your Problem) Pain – Shut your mouth (Nothing remain the same) In Flames – Alias (A Sense Of Purpose) Dead by April – Losing You (Dead by April) Truckfighters – Mind Control (Universe)

​ÖMER (5):

Taake – Det Fins En Prins (Kulde) The Crown - Headhunter (Headhunter) In This Moment – Big Bad Wolf (Black Widow) Evergrey - A New Dawn ( Hymns For The Broken) Scar Symmetry – Cryonic Harvest (Cryonic Harvest)

JONAS (5):

Amaranthe – Unreal (Massive Addictive) Machine Head – Now We Die (Bloodstone & Diamonds) Plan Three – When Everything Comes To An End (Singel) Hawkins – King Cobra (Part II – The Puppet Show) Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy – Bent To Fly (World On Fire)

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