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Rock Dudes #88 - Jørn Kaarstad (BOKASSA) - (Eng)

Ep. 88

Welcome to Rock Dudes #88, and the guest this time is the guitarist and singer of the Stoner Punk band Bokassa, Jørn Kaarstad. He and his band Bokassa have had a totally crazy trip over the past year, since the day that they were signed on as one of the support acts to the almighty Metallica’s European tour this summer.Jørn is from Stavanger in Norway, and the rest of the guys are from Trondheim.In the beginning of 2018 they got connected through Twitter that Lars Ulrich from Metallica has comment that Bokassa is his new favourite band. How cool isn’t that, and very surreal at the same time. And how does everything happens from that to be one of the support acts during Metallicas European summer stadium tour?Jørn will describe that later on in this episode. Anyhow, Bokassa (Stoner Punk Rock) will release a new album, Crimson Riders, the 21st of June 2019, and he will tell you a lot about how it was writing this album in this episode as well.

This and much more you can listen to in Rock Dudes #88, released on Thursday, June 13th, 2019.

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