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Rock Dudes #95 - NEIGE (Alcest) - (Eng)

Season 11, Ep. 95

Welcome to Rock Dudes #95, and the guest this time is the creative frontman in ALCEST, Neige (Stéphane Paut).

They are current up for a new album called "Spiritual Instincts" which will be relased the 25th of October.This interview really to another direction than I planned before the recording started.But not in a bad way at all. This got really interesting when Neige started to describe his view on spirituality, and how Yoga really saved his life.Off course we were talking about all the other stuff as well.

This and much more you can listen to in Rock Dudes #95, released on tuesday, September 24th, 2019.

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EPISODE FACTS:Recorded and Edit by: Jonas LööwRecorded at: Hotel Hellsten (Stockholm)Jingle recorded by: Jonas Hermansson, Peter Månsson & Mia Coldheart


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