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ROCK DUDES #96 - Ryan & Harri (Airbourne) - (Eng)

Season 11, Ep. 96

Welcome to Rock Dudes #96, and the guests this time are Ryan O'Keeffe and Harri Harrison from the rockband Airbourne.Ryan has been a guest this podcast before, #29, back then with his brother and the bands frontman Joel O'Keeffe.

This chat was about several things like small presentation of Harri that joined the band for a little more than two years ago, was a lot about their new album BONESHAKER and the cooperation with the producer Dave Cobbs.We were talking what has happened since we met for three years ago until today.And they tried again to describe why the rock n roll life is really fit in the whole bands personality.In the end we also discussing a bit about leveling up in the merch world. So they will reveal some things that you can buy through their webshop.

This and much more you can listen to in Rock Dudes #96, released on tuesday, October 1st, 2019.

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EPISODE FACTS:Recorded and Edit by: Jonas LööwRecorded at: Hotel Hellsten (Stockholm)Jingle recorded by: Jonas Hermansson, Peter Månsson & Mia Coldheart


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