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Rock Dudes #97 - Michael Monroe - (Eng)

Ep. 97

Welcome to Rock Dudes #97, and the guest this time is the Finnish rock n roll star Michael Monroe.He has had an extra ordinary long career over four decades. Both in Hanoi Rocks and as a solo artist to mention a couple of examples.

He is now up to date with both the tour and the new album One Man Gang. The title of the album really describes his career. Not because he was in any way alone, he has always been surrounded by wonderfully talented musicians.Our conversation jumped between his upbringing and the start of his career when he and his band members lived on the street. Michael is really an incredibly exciting person and has been with both one and the other. It is clear that trying to fit everything in 45 minutes, is basically an impossible mission. But we got a lot of goodies.

The album One Man Gang will be release the 18th of October 2019.

This and much more you can listen to in Rock Dudes #97, released on Thursday, October 17th, 2019.

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Recorded and Edit by: Jonas LööwRecorded at: Warner Music Office (Stockholm)Jingle recorded by: Jonas Hermansson, Peter Månsson & Mia Coldheart


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