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  • Under the Trench Coat (Ep. 97)

    This week as we take a peek beneath the Trench Coat we hear the guys speak about placing dominoes for once instead of knocking them down. Ken touches on how kind of him it was to give Harcos a nesting opportunity. They then move on to speaking with Trevor and Linara. There is a decent amount of talk about King/Queen stuff which leads into Nick realizing how dumb and confused he was. They then discuss how Trevor and Harcos sort of have some pull with the crowd and then Brad rounds it out asking about his interaction with the coin. Enjoy!Our backing track was taken from

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  • 2. Ep. 97: Prepping for Politics (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

    This episode we release in Ken's memory. It is the penultimate episode of Riven. We love and miss you big guy.The team rests. But the respite is short lived as they rise early to make it to the political gathering on time. There is a bit of small talk before things get completely underway and some slight background knowledge gained on the "candidates".Some of our music used in this episode was taken from Tabletop Audio at sound effects came from
  • Warming up for Riven Ep. 97

    Welcome to the pre-session chaos! Sit down and feel free to listen to the guys talk about video games, recent episodes of shows they've been watching, fan-boy out about this, that, and the other, and all other manners of crazy that happens to roll in off their noodles! As this is the pre-session ramblings, it is mostly unedited and untouched. Enjoy!-Nick, the Sound Wizard
  • PSA

    Nick has got some news. Sorry it's been a minute. We do miss and love you all.
  • A Guard's Life

    Welcome back to Riven Tales, our background world building series! In this edition of Riven Tales we hear William's final hours after speaking with Harcos on the day of Syraxis' eruption.Our backing is from Tabeltop Audio at★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
  • Under the Trench Coat (Ep. 96)

    Our first look behind the trench coat in season 2 brings a great many things with it. The crew starts out talking about Phil and dice deciding destinies. They then talk at length on Phil and his choice. Shortly after they move on speaking on William and his fate. Then they discuss Tyrillion's fate. After that they discuss the awkwardness that was the dinner happenings. Nick brings up the O'Caido/Shining City moment. The team then gets a bit lost on the talks of DM'ing/GM'ing. They round out the chat with Jubilee's dethroning. Enjoy!Our backing track was taken from★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
  • 1. Ep. 96: Month in Mourning (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

    Over the course of a month....our two favorite guys deal with the heavy toll that comes with having to deal with "losing". They do what they can to help where they can as Aetherport recoups. As things begin to quiet ever so slightly, they take in a dinner at the Ironjaw estate.Some of our music used in this episode was taken from Tabletop Audio at sound effects came from★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★