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  • 45. Pod Bites: The Mazi Project on Dignity through Food

     In this week's Pod Bite,Melanie Vaxevanakis, founder of the Mazi Project in Bristol tells us about the importance of choice and dignity within food provision for marginalised young people, and why we need a call for systemic change of the food system.Click here for more information on Mazi, and here for the Food Foundation manifesto.

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  • 44. Pod Bites: Giving evidence in the House of Lords

    On this week's Podbite, Kathleen Kerridge, one of the adult food ambassadors for the Food Foundation, reports back after giving evidence to the House of Lords Food, Diet and Obesity Committee. One of the questions she was asked by Baroness Rosie Boycott was how much she spends on food in a week. Here she breaks that down to show just how hard it is to feed a family healthily on a low income.Click here for more information on the committee and here for the Food Foundation manifesto.
  • Pod Bites: Veg Power - Helping children to eat more veg

    In this week's Podbite, Veg Power's CEO, Dan Parker tells us about Simply Veg's new initiative to support families and kids in eating more vegetables, highlighting the challenges faced by parents. He says that the launch of a new e-learning platform which was developed with the involvement of nutritionists and child psychology experts, emphasizes the importance of personalized experiences in health education.Click here for more information
  • 43. Children's Health and the Mayoral Elections

    This week, ahead of the mayoral elections on May 2nd, Theo Michaels chef and author of Cypriana, looks at why children's health should be a priority for all the candidates, but particularly those in London. Hannah Brinsden, head of policy and advocacy at the Food Foundation explains the link between poverty and mental health in the capital where one in five children between eight and 16 report mental health problems.Kadra Abdinasir, Associate Director of Policy at the charity Centre for Mental Health unpacks the main issues affecting children in LondonRuth Fitzharris is the campaign assistant for Mums for Lungs and tells us why air pollution should be one of the key asks for the mayoral candidates.Click here for the Food Foundation Manifesto and here for more information on Nourishing the Nation. 
  • 42. Pod Bites: Feed the Future comes to the West Midlands

    In this week's Podbite, Leticija Petrovic, local food policy lead at the Food Foundation tells us about how the Feed the Future campaign initiated in 2020 by Marcus Rashford comes to West Midlands this month. Please add your voice to our campaign - it only takes two clicks of a button:
  • 41. Pod Bites: The Nestle Resolution

    On this week's Pod Bite, Holly Gabriel, nutritionist and campaign lead for consumer health at Share Action, tells us about the shareholder resolution that a coalition, including The Food Foundation is filing at Nestle to calls on the company to increase the amount of healthier food it sells.Click here for more on the coalition behind the initiative, and here for the Food Foundation Manifesto.
  • 40. Pod Bites: Food Justice and the Role of the City

    Stuart Gillespie, writer and consultant for The Food Foundation, tells us why we need cities to perform a radical overhaul of the food system to balance power and prioritise human and planetary health, rather than profit.Stuart explains how The Food Foundation, Birmingham City Council, and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact came together in 2021 to create a global food justice pledge to encourage collaboration and collective working, empowering the voices of cities nationally and internationally.Click here for more information and here for the Food Foundation Manifesto