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Turks and Caicos Retreat 2022

Season 2022, Ep. 3

Hey Ladies!!! It was a MOVIE!!!

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Travel Planner - Terri Holzhauer

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Retreat Awards:

Miss Sales - The woman who earned the most while on the retreat - committed sales - most leads - connections went to Dr. Barbara Lash @celebritymediacoach

Miss Supportive - The woman who listened the most, shared the most, cheered the most went to Kim Evans @2gorjiswellness

Miss Strategic - The woman who used her time the wisest, who got the most done went to Dr. Aimy Steele @aimysteele

Miss Style - The woman who slayed the most with her style and authentic, confident personality the most went to Tamiko Kelly @iamtamikokelly

Miss Sociable - The woman who was the nicest, most sociable, friendliest went to Cyndi Edwards


Miss Best At Retreat - Set the BAR for how it is done when you Retreat who won multiple categories went to Kim Evans! @2gorjiswellness

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